Booking - adults

No admittance for groups without prior booking, with or without guide


Booking dates for adult groups

Date of visit


January-March 2017

from 1 December 2016

April-June 2017

from 1 March 2017

July-... 2017


Booking options

  • By Internet, filling in the online booking form
  • By post, addressed to
    Musée d'Orsay
    Département des publics et de la vente
    Group reservations
    62 rue de Lille
    75343 Paris cedex 07
    attaching the booking form

There is currently a delay of approximately 4 weeks in processing your request. The requests for group visits for the months of February and March are currently being processed. Applications for a group visit over the period from April to June will be processed from 1 March.

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