Your advantages with our partners

As a Carte blanche member, you are entitled to advantages with the Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie cultural partners.
More offers are described in the French version of this page.


Temporary offers

Musée des impressionnismes Giverny

Brussels, an Impressionist capital

From 11 July to 2 November 2014

Belgium, which won its independence in 1830, experienced a period of exceptional prosperity during the 19th century. With early industrialisation and a favourable liberal context, it emerged as one of the global economic leaders by the end of the century. This economic vitality generated rapid urbanisation accompanied by a demographic explosion, but also an unprecedented cultural vibrancy.
Like this flourishing society, Belgian artists explored alternative paths as of the 1860s. A crossroads of the avant-garde movement, the city of Brussels set itself starkly apart with its cultural vibrancy at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The homeland of Art Nouveau and Symbolism, it was also one of the first to welcome Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist masterpieces at the Les XX and La Libre Esthétique salons.

Traditionally inclined to describe reality, sensitive to the language of colour and light, Belgian painters began to establish themselves on the European scene by asserting their originality within the Impressionist movement. From a very early stage, diverse figures such as James Ensor, Emile Claus and Théo Van Rysselberghe assimilated the lessons of the new painting and asserted themselves with rare independence in the evocation of modern life, the interpretation of landscapes, and portraiture.
Between 1870 and 1914, Belgian painters innovated in their approach to reality, enhanced by a more free technique in the treatment of brushwork, light and colour. The exhibition will reveal their originality through some one hundred paintings taken from major European museums as well as large private collections.

Member offer: three days of free accessSaturday 30 August, Wednesday 24 September and Sunday 12 June, from 10am to 6pm.
Reduced rates on other days.
Offers valid for members and one accompanying person.



Musée du Luxembourg

Paul Durand-Ruel. Bidding for Impressionism

From 9 October 2014 to 8 February 2015

The Musée du Luxembourg presents the first exhibition devoted to Paul Durand-Ruel (1831 – 1922), the greatest art dealer in the 19th century, who discovered the impressionists and who invented the modern art market. Around Cézanne, Renoir and Monet, the show includes eighty masterpieces of impressionism and retraces the moment when an artistic avant-garde achieved international recognition prompted by a passionate art dealer.

Member offer: €9 instead of €13.50 on presentation of your Carte blanche.

Permanent offers

Paris Museums

Carte Paris Musées

The Carte Paris Musées offers you one year's unlimited access with no queueing to all of the exhibitions on display at the 12 museums in Paris, including the Musée d'Art Moderne, the Petit Palais, the Palais Galliera, and the Musée Carnavalet...
It also entitles you to special rates on museum activities, at bookshops-shops and cafés-restaurants.

Members offer:€35 instead of €40 for the individual card,
€50 instead of €60 for the duo card (valid for the member + 1 guest of their choice),
€15 instead of €20 for the young person's card (under 26 years old).

RMN-Grand Palais

Carte Sésame

Sésame is the subscription to exhibitions at the Grand Palais with unlimited access and no queuing, and at the Musée du Luxembourg with Sésame+

Members offer:
€65 instead of €75 for the Sésame Solo card,
€118 instead of €136 for the Sésame Duo card,
€82 instead of €94 for the Sésame+ Solo card,
€144 instead of €165 for the Sésame+ Duo card

Palais Garnier

An architectural masterpiece famous around the world, Garnier's Opéra was the thirteenth opera house in Paris since this institution was founded in 1669 by Louis XIV. The construction was decided by Napoléon III as part of the renovation of the capital city conducted under his authority by the Baron Haussmann. A competition was organised to choose the architect who would design it and Charles Garnier was the winner. The construction went on for fifteen years, from 1860 to 1875, interrupted by many events including the 1870 war with Prussia, the fall of the imperial regime and the Paris Commune. It was eventually inaugurated on 5 January 1875.

Member offer: Reduced rate for the unguided visit of Garnier's Opéra on presentation of your Carte Blanche.


Universcience is the public entity that incorporates the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie and the Palais de la Découverte. On presentation of your Carte Blanche, you benefit from the following advantages, only available at the museum from the ticket desk or ticket machines.

Members offer

Concessionary rates
for the following spaces at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie:

  • Explora, permanent and temporary exhibitions (excluding exhibitions with an additional admission feet)
  • The Cité des Enfants for children aged 2/7 and 5/12 (excluding autumn, winter, spring and summer school holidays for all zones)
  • Ombres et Lumière (Shadows and Light)

Concessionary rates for the spaces at the Palais de la Découverte (excluding exhibitions with an additional admission fee and the Planetarium. Excluding autumn, winter, spring and summer school holidays for all zones)

Concessionary rates for the individual Universcience pass


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