The Musée d'Orsay Archive Collection

The Musée d'Orsay holds a collection of old documents that may be consulted on request at the conservation archive centre. There is a great variety in these archives, which have come from the descendants of artists or have been acquired at public sales.
They contain glass plates, old photographic prints, press reviews, family correspondence, etc.

A detailed presentation of each of the collections will soon be available online.

A list of the archive collections acquired by the Musée d'Orsay was published in the magazine 48/14 in September 1996. Since then, they have been enriched by the addition of the following collections:


Juste Lisch Collection

  • 381 drawings, 63 engravings and archive documents and143 photographs from the architect’s own archive
  • acquired in 2000
  • ODO 2000 2 to 64


Carrière Collection

  • the painter's manuscripts (speeches, letters, prefaces, notes, correspondence) and documents relating to the family (personal papers, articles and correspondence)
  • gift of Mrs Clara Hirsh in 2006
  • ODO 2006 5

Léon Comerre Collection

  • collection of manuscripts and documents (press cuttings, printed matter, etc)
  • gift of Mrs Denyse Lion-Comerre, the painter’s granddaughter, in 2001
  • ODO 2006 7

Degas-Martinez Collection

  • 37 press cuttings, 18 glass plates and 10 negatives relating to Edgar Degas and his family
  • gift of Mr Alberto Martinez in 1992
  • ODO 2008 4

Georges Desvallières Collection

  • archives and documentation relating to the painter, enabling Catherine Ambroselli to organise exhibitions and the catalogue raisonné of his work.
  • gift of Catherine de Bayser, the painter’s granddaughter, in 2008
  • ODO 2008 5

Jean-Léon Gérôme/Aimé Morot Collection

  • manuscripts, correspondence, notes, autograph works, shedding light on the relationship between these two artists.
  • acquired in 2003
  • ODO 2008 3

Maximilien Luce Collection

  • 146 letters, 27 photographs and various documents from the painter's family
  • acquired in 2007
  • ODO 2007 10

Monet Collection

  • 170 letters from a larger collection from one of the artist's heirs
  • acquired in 2006
  • ODO 2007 1


Alexis André Collection

  • Set of glass plates of the work of Alexis André (117 plates) and other artists (31 plates) and 10 notebooks containing the sculptor's recollections
  • gift of M. Pierre Desclos, the artist's grandson, in 2008
  • ODO 2008 6

Jean Carlus Collection

  • correspondence received and sent by the sculptor, and some official documents
  • acquired in 1998
  • ODO 1998 3

Honoré Daumier Collection

  • 35 letters and autograph notes addressed to Honoré Daumier and 4 letters that he sent to the sculptor Adolphe-Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume
  • acquired in 2005
  • ODO 2005 5 (1 to 40)

Eugène Guillaume Collection

  • 15,000 documents (letters, lecture notes, talks, diaries, travel journals, personal papers, photographs, drawings, etc)
  • gift of Mrs Irène Wise
  • ODO 2006 3

Paul Moreau-Vauthier Collection

  • documents relating to the activity of the sculptor Paul Moreau-Vauthier as a sculptor and as a man of letters, along with manuscripts and correspondence
  • gift of Mrs Marie-Josèphe Sanson in 2010
  • ODO 2010 9

Pompon Collection, comprising several sets of documents:

  • archives of the former Valsuani foundry, acquired from the François Pompon Association of Saulieu in 2005, ODO 2006 2
  • diaries from 1930 and 1932 donated by Mme Liliane Colas in 1995, ODO 2008 2 (1 et 2)
  • diary from 1931 donated by Mrs Anne Demeurisse in 2006, ODO 2006 1


Charles Nègre Collection

  • 150 handwritten and printed documents that throw light on the artist’s research into the technique of photography, along with some correspondence.
  • gift of Mr André Jammes and Mrs Marie-Thérèse Jammes in 2002
  • ODO 2002 2 (1 to 13)

Common to all sections

Max and Rosy Kaganovitch Collection

  • collection of documents (books, notebooks, catalogues, correspondence, press cuttings, etc) showing the various activities of the art dealer Kaganovitch: editor, illustrator, gallery owner.
  • gift of Mr Yann Meyer and Mr Florent Meyer in memory of their mother Karin Meyer-Kaganovitch in 2006
  • ODO 2007 3







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