Fête de la musique

21 June 2012
Musée d'Orsay
Allée centrale des sculptures

Special evening in the Nave

YL male choir of the University of Helsinki
Tommi Niskala
, direction
6 choruses for male choirs, Op. 18, 1895
Humoreski "Humoresque", Op. 108 nb1
Veljeni vierailla mailla (My Brothers Abroad)
Hymn "Natus in curas", Op. 21
Finlandia-anthem for male choir, Op. 26, nb 7
Selim Palmgren
Laulaisinko laulun sulle (I Shall Sing you a Song)
Darthulas gravsång (Mourning Song), Op. posth.
Järven rannalla (By the Lake)
Leevi Madetoja
Elli Dunbar, Op. 39 no2
Toivo Kuula
Pappani maja, Op. 4, no 4
Sirkan häämatka (The Cricket's Honeymoon), Op. 34 nb 6, 1917
Iltapilviä (Evening Clouds), Op. 27a nb 5
Ne tulevat taas (They Are Back), Op. 34 nb 4
Kullervon laulu, Op. 4 no 7
Emil Genetz
Herää Suomi (Arise, Finland)
Frans Linnavuori
Minä laulan sun iltasi tähtihin (I Sing Your Night Under the Light of the Stars)

Thu 21 June 2012 - 20h30
Musée d'Orsay

Nave (central hall)

Free admission, according to availability

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