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Jordan Williams from Canberra
Wednesday, 19-08-15 22:56
Another great visit. While it's great to be able to take photos, the confined spaces in the exhibition rooms mean that one is often prevented from seeing work while someone takes a bad picture on a phone or dinky digital camera. I take bad pictures so I know of what I speak). Unnecessary. Ban photos (not in the Louvre though where the wide halls make it ok). Sell low cost downloadable digital images that can only be ordered via an app when in the musee. Then people can have their favourites, but we can all move around more easily.
Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Danielle Neville from Walton on Thames
Monday, 17-08-15 21:41
Dearest, dearest keepers of art treasures... Please revise the new policy to allow photographs to be taken in the galleries. Our much anticipated visit to the wonderful Musee was marred by the inane selfie takers and super snappers who wandered between the beautiful, priceless, amazing, precious works of art in your collection without even a cursory glance but to snap their iphones and cameras and move on. The ambiance in some galleries was ruined and our enjoyment diminished by the frustration of not being allowed quiet reflection of the works. I've waited a long to time to visit Paris and enjoy these masterpieces and was left somewhat heartbroken by the experience.

Yuchan Hong from Seoul (Korea)
Sunday, 07-06-15 13:15
When open time-Korean Audio Guide in this year?

We wait for it!!!

Michael Meleyco from Walnut Creek
Tuesday, 26-05-15 17:50
How or where do I make a reservation for the restaurant? Thank you in advance for your response. Mike Meleyco

To book a table:

jem from Exeter, England
Sunday, 24-05-15 23:21
I went on a Monday. That'll teach me !

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