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Veronika Prokofjeva from Berlin
Tuesday, 16-09-14 09:59
Dear Sir or Madam,

18-25 olds from EU are allowed to enter your museum for free, as I have read on your website. Since I don't have an ID card, can I provide my passport or driving license as a document to prove I comply with the requirements?

Best wishes,

Of course, a passport is perfectly valid to prove your age and identity (any official document with a recent photograph, identity and date of birth can be accepted as proof of eligibility).

Bugaeva Valeriya from Moscowв
Friday, 22-08-14 21:13
В каком зале музея можно увидеть картину Курбе " Происхождение мира"?


Brenda Kuo from Taiwan
Friday, 04-07-14 18:37
I saw a massage from your homepage note:The Musée d'Orsay will be closed on Monday 14 July, open on Friday 15 August.
Does It means the museum also close on 15 July?

14 July and 15 August are holidays in France. Of course the museum will open normally on other days, Mondays excepted.

Linda Ellentuck from Paris
Sunday, 01-06-14 18:23
I will be visiting the museum the beginning of July 2014. My husband is unemployed, does he need a ticket for entry? If not, what does he need, if anything.

Admission is free for the unemployed, on presentation of a document establishing one's status and dated less than six months before the visit.

David Mangual from New York
Tuesday, 27-05-14 14:53
Dear sirs
Pertaining to the claude monet painting, woman with an umbrella facing right (his step daughter,Suzanne Horsche). Did he ever paint more than one copy? Please reply.
Thank you

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