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james anderson from Ohio
Tuesday, 16-08-16 15:11
Love it

Jose xavier from Manaus
Monday, 08-08-16 00:58
Very Nice Website

Michael B from Clayton
Wednesday, 20-07-16 02:57
I purchased a Surusier at an auction. Can you provide an organization that can authenticate it in the Raleigh NC or NYC area.

Thank you.


In accordance with the revised statute of 16 May 1990, decree no. 90-404, governing Curators, the curators of the Musée d'Orsay are not authorised to authenticate or value works of art. You should therefore contact a professional expert. These can be found in a list on the website of the union of professional experts on works of art and collectable objects:

Sylvia Ashton from United Kingdom
Saturday, 09-07-16 22:00
We spent 6 days in Paris in May and our visit to Musee d'Orsay was the highlight of our trip. We love impressionist art. I especially enjoyed the Van Goghs.
My husband was a little disappointed that we couldn't find any Renoir, perhaps we missed them.
The view from the roof was the icing on the cake.
Thank you

Dita Keel from United Kihgdom
Saturday, 07-05-16 10:10
Please can we make reservation for a table for 2 for dinner at the restaurant for Thu 19 May.

To reserve a table, please contact

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