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Elizabeth Bella from New York
Monday, 31-12-12 19:59
A beautiful architectural triumph with the most amazing artwork on view. I look forward to my next visit.

sandra zeszter from hamburg
Wednesday, 28-11-12 20:01
hope to be in your great museum, soon!

david wilson from Hove, UK.
Friday, 09-11-12 12:16
Dear Sirs,
What a mess you have made of the Musee D'Orsay. It used to be my favourite place in Paris. The day I arrived with my friends (there were four of us) laden down with coats because of the weather, we found we couldn't leave our coats in the clockroom because they had run out of coat hangers! I will repeat that. Run out of coat hangers. How do you run out of coat hangers? Don't you know how many people to expect on a November Saturday.
You've ruined the cafe interior: what clown decided to hang giant gold coloured lampshades so low that the view of the through the clock is obscured?
Now I can cope with the grey walls visually, but not when there are so many people crowded into the galleries that it is like being in the black hole of Calcutta. Worst of all are the galleries where many of your most treasured paintings are hanging, - I speak of the post-impressionists - squashed cheek by jowl into three miserably small dark holes. Next time your people visit London, just have a look around Tate Modern and Tate Britain to see how it should be done.

Yours in sadness

David Wilson

orly weber from Tel Aviv
Sunday, 04-11-12 12:23
Do yu have a guded tour in English each day?

All guided tours listed in the English version of the site (Visits/Individual visitors/Guided tours) are conducted in English.

SUJAN BISWAS from New Delhi
Sunday, 04-11-12 11:22
Great! Museum and Musee Orsay site.

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