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Vembra Eldys from Brooklyn
Wednesday, 25-09-13 09:29
Nice website, bookmarked :)

kate teale from Brooklyn
Wednesday, 17-07-13 23:28
Your site is terrible. I'm bringing students and want to locate certain paintings.. Van Gogh par example. Ca ne marche pas.. le site est trop complique et stupide...
you need to re-design.

Thank you for this message. The interactive floor plan is working : We hope that's also OK for you.

John McCrea from Santa Fe, NM.
Wednesday, 03-07-13 04:12
I would love to see the Musee D'Orsay.
I love Paris but I'm an artist and can not
afford the trip.

Wendy Stevens from Oshawa, Canada
Friday, 28-06-13 18:43
I want to tell you how much we enjoyed The Angel of the Odd. Dark Romanticism from Goya to Max Ernst. We had only 3 days in Paris, and spent 7 hours at M'O, half that time in this one exhibit. It was the highlight of the trip - and so excellently curated. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, 19-06-13 04:06
Before I heard about your photography ban I had been contemplating visiting your museum. However, I shall not now be doing so unless the ban is lifted.

I can understand the Musee's desire to discourage people who just snap away indiscriminately with their mobile phines, but this blanket ban penalises legitimate photographic enthusiasts like myself, who actually care about taking good-quality pictures.

As you will see from my Flickr site, I have taken hundreds of photos of many fine works of sculpture in museums in Britain and the United States, most of which are perfectly happy to allow photography as long as no flash is used (though I will confess to having succumbed to the latter sin on a very few occasions).

Some churches issue photography permits for a small fee. If you don't want to lift the ban altogether, I believe you should also consider doing so. They could be priced to discourage the kind of indiscriminate snappers the Musee so dislikes while allowing "real" photographers like me to frame our carefully-composed shots.

Until such time, don't expect to see me.

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