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Randy Olthoff from Mason City, Iowa
Monday, 09-12-13 18:28
We were in Paris in June...our favorite museum by far. Great place! More enjoyable than the Louve.

Sarah Kavanagh from Vancouver
Tuesday, 05-11-13 20:26
Please allow non flash photography., at least on the sculptures. I could buy a postcard or look at images on the net, but they do not hold the emotional charge or ability to draw me back into a memory the way a personal photo does.

Jennifer Out from Windsor
Sunday, 27-10-13 00:39
During my recent trip to Paris I had the pleasure of being able to visit this museum on two separate occasions. Having visited many museums around the world, the Musee d'Orsay is by far my favourite because of the collection, the architecture, and knowledgeable staff. I hope to visit the museum again in the near future.

S Rosendale Martin from Asheville, N.C. 28801
Sunday, 13-10-13 01:31
I visited the museum yesterday and was totally outraged to find you have instituted a ban on photography! What a terrible policy! I am an artist an take reference photos of paintings to study particular passages. Over the years I have taken many wonderful and useful photos at Musee d'Orsay. I feel there is little point in visiting a museum that bans photography. I will certainly not return.

Vembra Eldys from Brooklyn
Wednesday, 25-09-13 09:29
Nice website, bookmarked :)

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