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Dave Morton from Lancaster
Saturday, 06-10-12 07:41
Hope to be there soon...

Birthe Noer Myers from Marietta Pennsylvania USA
Saturday, 22-09-12 14:32
I wish to thank the museum for its helpful and considerate staff which made our visit even more pleasant than we had hoped. We arrived at the museum by water-bus, and joined the long line at the entrance, but we'd stood in line only minutes when a staff member noticed my cane and bad balance. He singled us out and ushered us into the museum ahead of the crowd. I did not have to waste precious energy by standing in line, and could so much better enjoy the wonderful museum. I am very grateful.
Birthe Noer Myers

William Furniss from Chatham, NJ 07928
Monday, 17-09-12 14:30
A wonderful place beautiful art. Less busy than the Lourve.

Alexandra Nalevanko from Washington, DC
Thursday, 13-09-12 13:42
Wonderful! My favorite museum in the world!

John asforth
Monday, 20-08-12 18:16
Just wanted to say hi to the choir!!

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