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Sunday, 29-07-12 13:30
Visiting this museum is my son's big wish. We'll visit the day.

it's true.

Miriam Faine from Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, 11-07-12 10:42
I would like to comment on what was a very disappointing visitor experience.
Firstly I was looking forward to the museum, as I know Paris well but have not been here fore 22 years. I also appreciate that July is not the best time to visit.

However, I would like to draw your attention to the following.

1. The layout of the exhibits is not properly explained, nor is there a suggested itinerary to make sense of the experience.
The connections between rooms and sections are not explained
Different artists are represented in different locations with poor or no historical or thematic interpretation or explanation for these choices.
The general signage (e.g. "Prendre le Paris moderne") is often too opaque to be useful to many visitors and there are few introductory panels to sections of the collection.

2. There is almost no information or interpretation available next to the artworks and what is available is in French. (I can read French, but the reality is that English is the lingua france for the vast majority of your visitors).

Some lesser known artists are not introduced, for example i liked the picture by Eva Gonzales but there was no further information available about her.

If your intention is to force visitors to buy guide books or audio tours, or join guided groups, I must protest. I don't like audio tours or group tours at all as they intrude on my experience of the paintings, and I object to being forced to spend money on a guide book.

3. Direction signage is entirely erratic. The museum layout is not well signposted especially for older visitors who need the escalators. Room numbers are not obvious for following the map.

4. There are few seats.

5. The food is appalling (in Paris!). I first queued for the Cafe Campana for 20 minutes. When I reached the maitre d' and explained I was waiting for someone i was told to leave the queue as I could not be seated till they arrived ...!!!!!!
The menu choice was in any case poor and the prices extortionate for the standard offered.
I proceeded to the restaurant.
Again, a very long queue and poor choices (no vegetarian option beyond a salad of pickles and cheese for example).
We finally want to the cafeteria in the basement, where at least the service was friendly, but the food all prepackaged and mass produced, a very limited choice of beverage ...

To conclude, I had the strong impression that you hold a cynical view of your visitors as only being interested in the spectacle of famous paintings. This is unlike the Pompidou, for example, where the permanent collection is carefully curated so that the whole experience was educational and inspiring for all visitors.

Miriam Faine

Keith Garlington from Fordyce, Arkansas USA
Friday, 06-07-12 07:22
Three weeks ago we made our first ever visit to Paris. The Orsay was setup for our FIRST full day and it was an amazing experience. An incredible collection and a beautiful building. Unfortunately the crowd was large and we really didn't have a chance to stop and just admire some of our favorite paintings, but it was still a day we will never forget.

Lynn McAuliffe from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, 04-07-12 17:53
We cannot wait to see the exhibits. We are flying to Paris tonight. If the quality of this website is an example of the outstanding experience we will have when we visit this Gallery we will be beyond impressed. I have never experienced a more friendly and educational website. I almost feel like I am there! But cannot wait to actually be there in person.....

YUNJEONG JUNG from seoul
Tuesday, 03-07-12 10:20
saturday, 14JUL2012 14:00
Visiting this museum is my son's big wish. We'll visit the day.

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