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YUNJEONG JUNG from seoul
Tuesday, 03-07-12 10:20
saturday, 14JUL2012 14:00
Visiting this museum is my son's big wish. We'll visit the day.

fu hai from Beijing
Sunday, 10-06-12 14:27
doing research

zheng lin from Portland, OR, USA
Friday, 04-05-12 09:33
I am taking my mom to Pari 5/28-6/2. my mom is age 78, had two surgery last year, she can walk, but minimum. Is there any special service available on your site? Do you happen to have a wheelchair on loan?


Find all information on access for the disabled in the pages

ANTHONY WHILE from Liverpool
Friday, 27-04-12 13:15
Can I please book 2 tickets for the Edgar Degas Exhibition for the Monday the 28th of May 2012 please.

As indicated on the site, the museum is closed on Mondays.

kiyoung jung from seoul
Monday, 09-04-12 11:50

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