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kiyoung jung from seoul
Monday, 09-04-12 11:50

Martie Turner from Miami,Fl
Wednesday, 04-04-12 22:01
What a Treasure and a genuine Beauty to experience online. Will expect to visit within the year and add to the numbers who are in awe!!!

Jana from Paris
Sunday, 01-04-12 00:32
i am a very big fan of you "no Photo" policy, finally you can visit a museum without beeing pushed away by groups of photo obsessed people with squeaking, clicking or buzzing cameras.
Congratulations to this descision !

Sally Cameron from Redondo Beach Calif.
Saturday, 17-03-12 19:10
Love this museum.

Rainbow Dash from Abilene
Thursday, 23-02-12 20:23
Wonderful information. Really helped a lot.
Merci! Tres bien! (:

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