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Becky Clissmann from London
Monday, 30-01-12 07:52
The recent changes to how the collections are exhibited are a welcome change - the art works look fantastic. However if you are a parent trying to negotiate the collections with a child in a pushchair the experience is a bit of a nightmare. There appears to be only one toilet with baby changing facilities and only one very tiny lift that allows access to those with pushchairs or wheelchairs, in the whole of the museum. It seems that those redesigning the museum's new layout didn't think about the practicalities of life for parents and those who are disabled. This is a real shame and a missed opportunity to retrofit some lifts and facilities that would have improved the practicalities of access to the Museum's wonderful artwork.

Karen Rose from Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, 24-01-12 22:19
We are looking forward to Degas when we visit in May.

Becky Free from Jefferson city tn usa
Sunday, 11-12-11 17:17
I was shocked and disappointed to find that on my recent visit to the museum I could not take any photographs. This policy denies the thousands of visitors the opportunity to use their own artistic views to record their visit. I know I have taken many wonderful photos of the amazing architecture and exhibits. The museum celebrates art and yet is denying it's visitors a very basic artistic expression. Please discontinue the no photo policy. Don't let a few visitors who abuse the no flash policy ruin the museum for the rest of us.

Richard Ferguson from Blakesley
Monday, 05-12-11 10:00
Superb art collection and location. However the two people on security meant we had to queue 1hr 20 mins in the rain. This was compounded by the worst managed cafe I have ever had to queue for in my life (40 mins). The appalling thing is it could be organised to be more efficient at no extra cost; and the gallery would make higher sales. I have never felt the need to complain on any venue before.

Chris Murray from Kiama, Australia
Friday, 02-12-11 21:00
Today we visited the Musee D'Orsay for the 4th time over many years. We were very disturbed and upset by the treatment given to the impressionists and van Gogh in particular. You have the world's best collection of these favourite painters but their display is a disgrace. The paintings are crowded and the order is very difficult to decipher. Van Gogh has been moved to the second floor and diluted with inferior Gaugin. Some works were on loan and there was no notice to say so and to apologise for their absence.
The Musee has failed in its work to show its most important works.

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