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lydia moore from Liverpool
Wednesday, 14-09-11 22:16
I visited the museum for the first time yesterday. I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful works of art on display, and just wanted to say thank you. To be in such close proximity to the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and so many others was fantastic.
Thank you again,

Q lucia from bergen
Monday, 05-09-11 22:13

lynette marie pion bremer from valparaiso
Monday, 05-09-11 00:00
loved to see t he gleaners again. great website.

Susan Knobel from Nashville, TN USA
Thursday, 04-08-11 19:33
WONDERFUL ! Beautiful!

Doug Knight from Sandy, UT USA
Tuesday, 02-08-11 19:07
I visited the Orsay today with my family. I have visited it before and was anxious to bring my family to this great museum. It is a true treasure. But I was very disappointed to see the "no photography" rule that has been implemented since my last visit. This makes no sense to me. We wanted to capture memories of our visit and your policy tarnished the visit. If the Louvre will allow photography, you should too. I hope this changes for my next visit.

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