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Lee Morrison from London
Wednesday, 27-04-11 16:32
Without wishing to get into a long debate, I'll just say that, as with many official museum websites, the reproductions in the Orsay collection are of limited size and in the case of sculpture, generally depict only one angle. If I want a head and shoulders shot of Antonin Mercie's David, or a three-quarter rear view of Paul Dubois' Narcisse, I won't find them here. This is an issue that could perhaps be addressed, if anyone wanted to take the time and trouble...

Lee Morrison from London
Monday, 18-04-11 19:00
I had been considering visiting the Orsay for some time, but the photography ban is a major disincentive since I'd always wanted to have my own record of its fantastic artworks.

The ban is also a serious case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, given the thousands of Orsay photos that have already been posted on sites like Flickr.

The Louvre, V&A, Tate, British Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Metroplitan Museum of Art, New York all allow photography, and I'm pleased to have my own unique collection of photos from many of these great museums. Until such time as the Orsay can be added to this list once more you won't be seeing me within its hallowed portals.

The ban on photographs was taken in the interests of the safety of works and visitors, and to ensure a more pleasurable visit. This measure has been introduced in view of the increased number of visitors taking photographs “at arm's length” using mobile phones. Reproductions of most of the works in the collections can be downloaded from the website (catalogue of works, works in focus in particular).

Claire Stewart from Eugene, Oregon USA
Tuesday, 15-03-11 03:41
I look forward to visiting the treasure-filled Musee d'Orsay again in June 2011.

Ryan Vanderhorst from Greenville, South Carolina
Wednesday, 09-03-11 19:02
I would love to visit this museum someday, I find it really interesting and i could probably spend all day looking at paintings and what not, and also very well organized website, keep up the good work

Gunnar Olsson from Stockholm
Friday, 04-03-11 14:01
Well done

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