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ade winda from Purwokerto
Thursday, 21-01-16 04:24
nice and attractive website . I'm happy to see him. looks very creative and I like the color combination is very pretty

Emilie Pryor from West Cornwall, USA
Saturday, 19-12-15 13:50
I wrote this ekphrastic poem about my favorite painting, Manet's Le Fifre. I thought you might like it.

The Boy with Flute

He had waited for me,
after so many, many years.
I could never forget
such joy from beauty.
He must have known
so he waited,
patiently on the lovely wall.
So intent on playing,
standing proud with his
white sash and shiny black
I couldn't wait to see him
again, and hear his music
play in my heart.

Emilie Mead Pryor
December 2015

earl rogers from courtenay, canada
Wednesday, 30-09-15 18:20
how do we make reservations for lunch in the musee? Oct. 7th or 8th 2015

As indicated on the site, you can make a reservation for the restaurant by writing to

Walter Weemoe from Almere
Thursday, 10-09-15 09:00
Wat een mooi museum

Dirk Haster from Udon Thani
Monday, 31-08-15 09:42
Greetings from Thailand.

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