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jem from Exeter, England
Sunday, 24-05-15 23:21
I went on a Monday. That'll teach me !

Arlene Le Roy from Johannesburg
Wednesday, 13-05-15 10:23
My Husband and I had the privilege of wondering around the magnificent Musee d'Orsay and breathing in some wonderful art which was beautifully displayed. The Gallery is a credit to all those involved who feed the soul of people like us who love the art and artists. Thank you.

Stephanie Martin from Sevenoaks
Saturday, 09-05-15 10:09
I want to say how much I appreciated the excellent medical care I received from the Nurse and Pompiers at the museum when I was taken ill in the Bonnard exhibition on the afternoon of Wednesday 6th May. I did not get their names so I am unable to write to them personally but please would you pass on my sincere thanks. Merci a tous!

scott blei from portland, oregon
Thursday, 07-05-15 06:26
I loved the Bonnard exhibit. Brilliant. However the ridiculous camera bugs who flit aimlessly and rudely about in the other exhibits, and somehEnnah even in Bonnard, made regarding the wonderful paintings at d'Orsay a challenge. I was quite surprised and somewhat disappointed that you allow this sort of foolishness. But mostly, brovo on Bonnard. And merci.

john fogarty from Boquete Panama
Wednesday, 25-03-15 13:23
Bonnard is no decorative painter...There is an aesthetic which inspires...this viewer...

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