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john fogarty from Boquete Panama
Wednesday, 25-03-15 13:23
Bonnard is no decorative painter...There is an aesthetic which inspires...this viewer...

Rui Ribeiro from Porto
Wednesday, 25-02-15 14:19
Good afternoon,
We are a group of 12 students 15year old and 2 teachers.
We want to visit your museus without reservations. The admitence fee is only for the two teachers? The students are under 18.
Thinking you and excuse my english

As indicated on the site, groups are not admitted without reservation. To reserve for a school group:

andrea landa from paris
Friday, 13-02-15 14:55
Un superbe musée vraiment!

Kimberly couch from Portland, Maine
Sunday, 01-02-15 17:29
Chere Monsiur ou Madame,

Do you rent scooters or wheelchairs? I will be visiting in 11 days and have a broken leg.


Kimberly Couch

William McNulty from Clinton, USA
Thursday, 15-01-15 19:30
La video est superbe Sade. Merci

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