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David Mangual from New York
Tuesday, 27-05-14 14:53
Dear sirs
Pertaining to the claude monet painting, woman with an umbrella facing right (his step daughter,Suzanne Horsche). Did he ever paint more than one copy? Please reply.
Thank you

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Ronald McDonald
Friday, 23-05-14 21:40
I'm Loving It!

Brenda cangi. (harney) from Anahein
Monday, 19-05-14 19:56
This email is written by brenda cangi.birth name ,brenda kay harney.. I am writting this email to ask ,who I should address correspondance to at the musee d orsay museum ,regarding the permissions and rights ,faxing copies of a printed page in a book . Thank you. Brenda kay cangi. 5/19/14

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Linda Butler from Charlottesville, VA, USA
Wednesday, 14-05-14 20:54
Is it possible to purchase passes for the Musee D'Orsay and Orangerie Museum now for a trip early in July ?

Please see

Claire Daisy from Oxford
Wednesday, 07-05-14 00:01
We walked past the Museum one day and saw very long queues so decided to purchase a reservation ticket. This proved pointless as we queued for 2.5 hours. The trip was made even more annoying due to the fact rude staff were not organising the many people looking confused about which queue and where to join, resulting in many queue jumping and joining a much shorter "members" queue. Tickets were not checked at the entrance either which allowed this behaviour, much to the annoyance of everyone who were cold and fed up after hours waiting. Why don't you introduce time slots or have staff organising this better? It made for a quite horrendous visit overall.

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