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Irene Amador from Corpus Christi, Texas
Tuesday, 26-03-13 06:54
I have bought an art work by Edouard Dubufe and would like to know the art value of this painting dated 1863 in London Paris.

In accordance with the revised statute of 16 May 1990, decree no. 90-404, governing Curators, the curators of the Musée d'Orsay are not authorised to authenticate or value works of art. You should therefore contact a professional expert. These can be found in a list on the website of the union of professional experts on works of art and collectable objects:

Dina Suçuarana from Manaus
Thursday, 14-02-13 15:14
Nossa visita foi um momento sublime, há muito esperado. Já o visitamos por duas vezes. É esplêndido!

Hannah Mitchell from Llandysul
Tuesday, 12-02-13 19:15
I spent 5 wonderful hours in the museum on the 10th February 2013. I came for my birthday and it was breathtaking. I hope to come back again one day.

Diharrhea Jones from Winder
Thursday, 17-01-13 17:44
I think that your nude sculpptures are offensive to my mind and they leave bad images in my heart. God doesnt want me to look at those kinds of things before marriage and these photos are putting that thought in my head.

Elizabeth Bella from New York
Monday, 31-12-12 19:59
A beautiful architectural triumph with the most amazing artwork on view. I look forward to my next visit.

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