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Claire Daisy from Oxford
Wednesday, 07-05-14 00:01
We walked past the Museum one day and saw very long queues so decided to purchase a reservation ticket. This proved pointless as we queued for 2.5 hours. The trip was made even more annoying due to the fact rude staff were not organising the many people looking confused about which queue and where to join, resulting in many queue jumping and joining a much shorter "members" queue. Tickets were not checked at the entrance either which allowed this behaviour, much to the annoyance of everyone who were cold and fed up after hours waiting. Why don't you introduce time slots or have staff organising this better? It made for a quite horrendous visit overall.

Paul Sheather from Sydney
Saturday, 26-04-14 09:13
I would like to visit your museum toady, Saturday 26 April, how may I purchase entry ticket that will bi- pass the lines?


John Asker from Melbourne Australia
Tuesday, 01-04-14 15:49
If the reason for the photography ban is that too many people used flash PLEASE do not punish all art lovers who would really appreciate the opportunity to take home the wonderful images available in your exceptional museum. Please find some way to allow some form of photography. Either that or make HIGH QUALITY ARTISTIC digital photographs available for sale in your shop. Surely this is a way to protect the works of art and also make money for the museum.

It is in the interests of the safety of works and visitors, and to ensure a more pleasurable visit, that photography and filming are no longer allowed in the museum galleries. This measure has been introduced in view of the increased number of visitors taking photographs “at arm’s length” using mobile phones. Reproductions of most of the works in the collections can be downloaded from the website (catalogue of works, works in focus in particular).

HarryMiller from Cutchogue, NY
Friday, 28-03-14 23:14


Nzenalu Obinelo from Nashua
Saturday, 04-01-14 16:58
Is admission to orsay free for children ages 10, 14 and 16? Thanks, Nze

As indicated on the site, access to the museum is free for under 18s, under 26s from the European Union.

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