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5 reasons to support the Circle

  • Contribute to putting women in the spotlight, by making the economic players aware of issues such as equality, equal opportunities in the workplace and education

  • Demonstrate your commitment to culture and become an Ambassador by supporting projects devoted to women

  • Help develop a unique initiative in Europe in partnership with influential networks: the InterElles Circle, Communication & Entreprise, the Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises (French Association of Women CEOs), Financi’Elles, the Fédération Pionnières, the Professional Women's Network and the Women’s Forum

  • Take part in exclusive and unique encounters and discussions, held on a regular basis: breakfasts, networking, concerts, private tours, wine tastings, a behind-the-scenes discovery of the museum, etc.

  • Benefit from a 66% tax reduction on your gift for individuals and a 60% tax reduction on the amount of your sponsorship for companies.

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Discover the Women Patrons Circle

The Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie created the Women Patrons Circle in October 2013. This one-of-a-kind initiative is the result of the mobilisation of more than 120 women and the support of 7 influential networks (below).

Demonstrating their desire to put women in the spotlight, the Circle aims to finance, through generous contributions from individuals and companies, projects arising from the Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie programmes, devoted to women. It also involves making the economic players aware of the various issues around the place of women in society (equality, equal opportunities in the workplace, education, etc.), and creating a genuine platform for exchanges in the long term.

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Projects supported by the Women Patrons Circle

Discover the projects supported by the Women Patrons Circle since its creation.


Restoration: The Women of Gaul by Auguste Glaize

Musée d'Orsay / spring 2016

Restoration of this breathtaking testimony to large format painting of national history which depicts the Battle of Gergovia, a famous episode of the Gallic War from which Julius Caesar emerged victorious. Glaize transformed a defeat into an act of bravery on the part of the women and elevated our Gallic ancestors to the rank of heroines. Their resistance in the face of the invader is a model of courage.


Exhibition: Who's Afraid of Women Photographers?

Musée de l'Orangerie / October 2015

Drawing on new research and the numerous histories of photography that, over the last forty years, have reassessed women’s extraordinary contribution to this medium both in Europe and America, from the official invention of photography in 1839 to 1945, this exhibition and the accompanying publication will be the first of the “genre”.

Concerts: Unusual Women

Musée d'Orsay / March 2015

This cycle of concerts pays tribute to the great female singers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although their names might have been forgotten, they brought recognition and prestige to melody and Lieder, and some delivered the great light opera performances of the time.

Exhibition: Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera. Art in fusion

Musée de l'Orangerie / October 2013

To mark its launch, the Circle lent its support to this emblematic exhibition that attracted some 300,000 visitors. A figure of 20th century art, Frida Kahlo personifies a modern and timeless icon, symbolising the image of the free and activist woman.

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Members of the Women Patrons Circle

The Circle thanks the Women Patrons for their commitment:
(Members who have agreed to the mention of their name – alphabetical list)

Aline Aubertin
Sophie Balsarin
Marie-Hélène Bensadoun
Véronique Bertaux
Capucine Bertrand
Catherine Bitker
Isabelle Blin
Jeanne Boillet
Carine Boisselet
Charlotte Bosc
Deborah Brown Pivain
Jacqueline Buysse Collin
Hélène Cataix
Felicitas Cavagné
Frédérique Clavel
Christine Cluzel
Chiara Condi
Isabelle Coornaert
Christine Crépaux-Rougerie
Régine Danielou
Marie Danis
Amélie de Bryas
Christine de Courson
Hortense de Roux
Catherine Delaunay
Patricia Donnelly

Vincente Duchel Clergeau
Catherine Dufayet
Gaëlle Franca
Sandrine Franchini-Guichard
Fatiha Gas
Mary-Elizabeth Giuffra-Contri
Maryse Gontier
Elena Gutiérrez
Sophie Hirat
Marie Laure Irion
Joelle Juppeau
Catherine Ladousse
Sophie Lambert
Helle Frank Liautaud
Fabienne Lichentin Chelly
Sabine Lochmann
Béatrice Louis
Marie-Laure Lutier Gonzalez
Dominique Maire
Aurélie Marais-Machurat
Valérie Mathieu
Maud Merou

Valérie Mouchabac-Hutman
Pascale Moulin
Florianne Moussigné
Marie-Christine Oghly
Alexandra Pasquer
Isabelle Pean de Ponfilly
Alexia Pedrini
Françoise Pelissier
Nicole Pelletier Perez
Corinne Perot-Reboul
Dominique Poussier
Françoise Prot
Anne Pruvot
Evelyne Saëz
Maria Pilar Saltini
Nathalie Sauvanet
Carolina Schmollgruber
Brigitte Serrano
Eglantine Sir
Marie-Christine Thebault-Lacoume
Martine Van Went
Monique Veillerobe
Magali Vidal-Engaurran
Anne Wachsmann
Isabelle Wormser
Najlaa Yassine

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Partners of the Women Patrons Circle

Partner network

Sponsors and partners

We would like to thank the businesses that sponsor the Circle: Giorgio Armani (2017), Wilhelm & Associés (2016), Neuflize Vie (2015), Empreinte (2014), DPConsulting (2013) and Mondotv (2013).

We would also like to thank the partners who have given their support to events run by the Circle: Aesop, Marie Claire and Marlette.

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