Individual rates

Tickets for all concerts and shows entitle the holder to free entry to the museum’s permanent collections on the day of the event (does not apply to cinema, special evening in the Nave or lecture tickets)

2014-2015 Ticket prices

Full rate


Young person and solidarity rate

Lunchtime concerts




Evening concerts Tarif A


26 €


Evening concerts Tarif B








Special evening in the Nave




Event: Suites for cello by Bach – Tariff B

If you wish to attend both concerts, you can take advantage of reduced rates for the concert at 9pm, i.e. €44 for the evening.

Young person and solidarity rate

  • Visitors under 26 years old
  • Part-time entertainment industry workers
  • Job seekers and those on minimal allowances
  • Disabled visitors with one accompanying person

Concessionary rates for the auditorium

with proof of status, for:

Free admission

  • Under 13s

Please note

  • Free seating
  • Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • The show starts at the time stated. Latecomers will not be admitted once the show has started.
  • Photographs and recording are prohibited.
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