Copying, filming, photography

It is forbidden to take pictures and to film in the museum.

In the interests of the safety of works and visitors, and to ensure a more pleasurable visit, photography and filming are no longer allowed in the museum galleries. This measure has been introduced in view of the increased number of visitors taking photographs “at arm’s length” using mobile phones. Reproductions of most of the works in the collections can be downloaded from the website (catalogue of works, works in focus in particular).

For filming or photography, or for groups or commercial use, see under Professionals-Companies.

Copying at the museum

Freehand drawing

Freehand pencil sketches, not exceeding 30 x 60 cm, are allowed in the museum. However, for groups, previous authorisation must be requested when the booking is made.


Copying museum works of art, by professional or amateur copyists, or by art school students, requires an individual authorisation. This is issued to one named person, and for a single work. The request must be submitted at least one month before the required date of entry to the museum. The permission is valid for three months, and may not be extended. One person may not apply for several authorisations at the same time for the reproduction of different works. Only the copying of paintings currently on exhibition may be authorised. The works can not, in any circumstances, be moved.

Those authorised are required to conform to the current regulations and to any particular instructions given, in reference to working hours and days, the protection of works being copied, general care and to possible copyright issues.

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