Musée d'Orsay: Accessibility


The "access keys" are a keyboard shortcut allowing you to select a link on the page by using key combinations. On this site, the keyboard shortcuts have been assigned to the most commonly used navigation elements.
Note! There are different combinations depending on your browser, and for the main browsers you will not be able to use the number pad.

Special keyboard shortcuts for this site:

  • Help / Access: 0
  • Return to home page: 1
  • Main content: 2
  • Site plan: 3
  • Search: 4
  • Events: 5
  • Collections: 6
  • Visit: 7


Specific combinations for browsers:

  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox for Windows: ress Shift and Alt at the same time as one of the keyboard access keys (not on the number pad).
  • Internet Explorer 6 for Windows: Press Alt at the same time as one of the keyboard access keys (not on the number pad), and then press Enter.
  • Opera 7 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux: Esc + Shift and access key.
  • Internet Explorer for Macintosh: Ctrl and access key, then Enter.
  • Safari 1.2, Mozilla and Netscape for Macintosh: Ctrl and access key.
  • Galeon, Mozilla and Firefox for Linux: Alt plus access key.
  • Konqueror 3.3+: Ctrl, then access key.
  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror before version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari before version 1.2, Opera Windows/Linux before version 7 do not support access keys.

Disabled visitors

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