Musée d'Orsay: Manet Dossier: Chronology

Manet Dossier: Chronology

23 January - Born in Paris, 5 rue des Petits-Augustins (now rue Bonaparte). Manet is the eldest son of Auguste Manet (1797-1862), a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Justice, and Eugénie-Désirée Fournier (1811-1895), the daughter of a diplomat posted to Stockholm.

Studies at the Collège Rollin where he meets Antonin Proust (1832-1905)). During their school years, they frequently go to the Louvre with Edouard Fournier, Manet’s maternal uncle, who encourages his nephew's talent for drawing.

July - Fails the entrance exam for the Naval Academy
December - sets sail on the training vessel Havre et Guadeloupe bound for Rio de Janeiro. On his return, he fails once more to be accepted into the Naval Academy. His parents allow him to take up a career in art.

Meets Suzanne Leenhoff (1830-1906), a piano teacher.

September - Joins the studio of Thomas Couture with Antonin Proust. He stays there for six years during which time he travels to Germany, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Italy.

29 January – Birth of Léon-Edouard Koëlla, called Leenhoff (1852-1927), Suzanne Leenhoff's illegitimate son.

Visits Eugène Delacroix and asks his permission to copy The Barque of Dante in the Musée du Luxembourg.

April - The Absinthe Drinker is refused at the Salon, in spite of Delacroix's support.
July - Meets Degas at the Louvre.

Summer - Moves to Batignolles with Suzanne Leenhoff and Léon.

May -At the Salon he shows Portrait of M. and Mme Manet and The Spanish Singer which earns him an "honourable" mention.

25 September - Death of his father.
Meets Victorine Meurent, a professional model, who poses for The Street Singer.

May - Opening of the Salon des Refusés where he exhibits three etchings and three paintings, including Luncheon on the Grass.
28 October - Marries Suzanne Leenhoff in Holland.

May- Exhibits Episode from a Bullfight and The Dead Christ with Angels at the Salon.

January - Thoroughly discouraged, he destroys several of his works.
May - Exhibits Jesus mocked by the Soldiers and Olympia at the Salon.
August - Leaves for Spain.

April - The Fife Player and The Tragic Actor are refused by the Salon.
May - Zola defends Manet in his account of the Salon.
Meets Cézanne, Monet, Zola, Renoir and Bazille. The Café Guerbois (today, 9 avenue de Clichy) became the favourite meeting place of Manet and his friends.

May - Organises a private exhibition, at his own expense, near the Pont de l'Alma, outside the universal exhibition. Courbet also had his own pavilion.
19 June - Execution of the Emperor Maximilian in Mexico. Manet starts a series of paintings on this theme.
2 September - Attends Baudelaire's funeral.

May - Exhibits his Portrait of Émile Zola and Young Lady at the Salon.
Summer - Meets Berthe Morisot through Fantin-Latour. She poses for The Balcony in September.

January - The Execution of Maximilian is refused at the Salon.
May - Exhibits The Balcony, Lunch in the Studio and five etchings at the Salon.

July - Start of the Franco-Prussian war.
November - Manet joins the National Guard, as does Degas.

May - Exhibits The Battle of the 'Kearsarge' and the 'Alabama' at the Salon.
La Nouvelle-Athènes, in Place Pigalle, replaces the Café Guerbois as the meeting place of Manet and friends.

Mai - May - Exhibits Le bon bock and Le repos at the Salon.
September - Meets Mallarmé.

April - the Salon jury accepts The Railway, but refuses The Swallows and Masked Ball at the Opera. As a riposte, Mallarmé publishes his article "The Painting Jury of 1874 and M. Manet".
May - Opening of the first exhibition of the Société anonyme des artistes peintres (first Impressionist exhibition) in Nadar's studio. Although invited, Manet does not participate. He wants to "conquer the Salon".

May: Exhibits Argenteuil at the Salon.

April - The Salon jury refuses The Laundress and The Artist. Manet opens his studio to the public to exhibit the refused paintings and other works.

March - Supports the third Impressionist exhibition by lending three works from his collection: two by Monet and one by Sisley.
April - the Salon jury accepts his Faure as Hamlet but refuses Nana, which is displayed in the window of a luxury shop on the boulevard des Capucines.

May - exhibits Boating and The Greenhouse at the Salon.

January - Manet's health deteriorates.
April - Private exhibition in the gallery of the periodical La Vie moderne.
May - Exhibits the Portrait of M. Antonin Proust and At Père Lathuille's at the Salon.

May - At the Salon, he exhibits his Portrait of M. Pertuiset and the Portrait of Henri Rochefort which is awarded a second class medal.

January - His health deteriorates further.
May - Exhibits A Bar at the Folies-Bergère and Jeanne at the Salon.

20 April - His left leg is amputated.
30 April - Death of Manet.
3 May - He is buried in the cemetery at Passy. Antonin Proust, Emile Zola, Philippe Burty, Alfred Stevens, Claude Monet and Théodore Duret hold the flag that covers the coffin.

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