Musée d'Orsay: Picasso. Blue and Rose

Picasso. Blue and Rose

Exhibition Albums
Claire Bernardi, Stéphanie Molins, Emilia Philippot
Musée d'Orsay / Hazan - 2018
Paperback, 21,6× 28,8 cm - 48 p. - 40 ill.
ISBN : 978-2-75411-480-6
Bilingual french, English
€9 - available

The Musée d'Orsay, associated with the Musée Picasso-Paris, presents the first exhibition on the blue and pink period of Pablo Picasso in France. This exhibition offers an unprecedented gathering of masterpieces, some never presented in France, and a new analysis of the years 1900-1906, an essential phase in the artist's career.

The album shows the evolution of Picasso's painting year by year and comments on the central works of the exhibition, giving the reader an overview of the blue and pink period.


  1. The first spark of the fireworks
  2. 1900 "The strongest walls open on my way"
  3. 1901 Towards blue
  4. 1902 "Sadness and pain"
  5. 1903 The blue of the abyss
  6. 1904 At the rendez-vous of poets
  7. 1905 The "pink period"
  8. 1906 From pink to ocher
  9. Chronology

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