Musée d'Orsay: Step into Courbet's Studio!

Step into Courbet's Studio!

The restoration of The Artist’s Studio

Glass enclosure around The Artist’s Studio© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy
The Artist’s Studio by Gustave Courbet (1855) is one of the major works housed at the Musée d’Orsay in terms of its subject, its place in the history of art and its monumental size. Already fragile due to its complex material history, this masterpiece, this masterpiece, which came into the national collections in 1920 through public subscription and the help of the Société des Amis du Louvre, was in need of restoration.

This was carried out in situ, in a glass enclosure where the restorers could work without interruption while allowing visitors to follow the process. This enclosure was sponsored by Saint-Gobain.
Restoration of The Artist’s Studio in progress© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy

The objectives of the restoration are twofold:
- to ensure the conservation of the work by stabilising the paint layer, where certain areas have become brittle and the paint is repeatedly flaking, while at the same time strengthening the support.
- to improve the readability of the painting, altered by additional layers of varnish, yellowing and mould, repainting, coloured glazes and dirt – and all this while respecting the complex history of the work in order to re-establish the overall harmony of the composition.

Following a preliminary study in 2013 and 2014 carried out by the Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France (C2RMF) and a team of appointed restorers, restoration work on the painting began on 24 November 2014 and continued for about a year.


The Artist’s Studio in its glass enclosure© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Boegly


Thanks to the generosity of 1,334 individuals, over €150,000 were raised in 80 days between 1 October and 19 December 2014 towards financing the restoration of Gustave Courbet’s The Artist’s Studio.

Individuals contributed as much as business sponsors, financing in total over half the restoration costs. This first appeal for donations to the Musée d'Orsay is one of the biggest online crowdfunding campaigns ever undertaken in France by a museum.
Together, we have demonstrated that art is everybody’s business!

Follow the progress of the restoration on


Augmented Reality at the service of the Studio

Augmented reality devices and accessibility tools in the Courbet gallery© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy
With the restoration of Gustave Courbet’s The Artist's Studio, A Real Allegory Summing up Seven Years of my Artistic and Moral Life, visitors to the Musée d’Orsay are invited to enjoy an entirely new and immersive experience - including sight and sound - to discover the mysteries of this work.
Because of its monumental size, its large number of characters, its complex composition and symbolism, The Artist’s Studio was particularly well suited to this project.

Using the tablets at their disposal in front of the canvas, visitors will be able to enter and explore The Artist's Studio with a poetic tour during which the characters reveal their secrets. At the end, an interactive sequence takes an entertaining look at how the painting was created and the challenges involved in its restoration.

© DR
Seeing the work in a new light
The challenge of this immersive virtual experience for the Musée d'Orsay was to combine observation, pleasure and education. This new form of mediation leaves visitors free to discover the painting in their own way, and complements the more traditional types of presentation, namely the written information accompanying the painting and either the audioguide commentary or the direct commentary of a guide.
Available in French, English and Italian, this application should provide the public with a better understanding and create greater interaction with this emblematic work.

This project is part of an overall skills sponsorship programme undertaken by Orange for the benefit of the Musée d’Orsay.

Mediation tools accessible to all

In addition to the augmented reality app, the Musée d'Orsay has developed a number of mediation tools for Courbet’s The Artist’s Studio that are accessible to everyone. These devices are also found in front the painting, next to the tablets.

3D reproduction of The Artist’s Studio© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy
The Artist’s Studio in 3D
For the first time, the Musée d'Orsay has reproduced one of the artworks from its collections in 3D. In order to transcribe a painting as complex as The Artist’s Studio, a number of choices had to be made. Indeed, ensuring a good level of readability means that it is not possible to retain all the details of the original painting.

It is therefore a 3D interpretation of The Artist’s Studio that enables the work to be explored through touch, complemented by commentary in French, English and Italian.

Samples of canvas© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy
Paintings at your fingertips
Visitors can also feel the actual surface material of a painting thanks to a second tactile tool made up of four small frames that can be turned like the pages of a book. Sections of canvas with different treatments have been stretched on to these, enabling visitors to identify the various layers of a painting: raw canvas, primed canvas, painted canvas and varnished canvas.
An audio commentary, also available in three languages, explains these elements to the visitor.

Although these two tools are designed for all visitors, including the youngest, they are particularly suitable for the needs of the visually impaired or blind, who can thus create a mental image of the artwork and understand the artist’s approach.

French sign language- video of The Artist’s Studio© Musée d'Orsay / Sophie Crépy
A video with French sign language and subtitles
Finally, a video with French sign language (LSF) and subtitles is available on a tablet. It gives deaf and hearing-impaired visitors clues for deciphering what is certainly Courbet’s most mysterious work.

This set of tools was designed and produced with the help of the Fondation du Patrimoine (French Heritage Foundation) through its National Fund for the Promotion of Heritage Professions in partnership with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the “Belle Main” endowment fund.

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The Musée d'Orsay wanted to involve its partners in a fresh and imaginative way by offering them the opportunity to become Ambassadors by uniting their community (colleagues, customers, service providers, etc.) around a crowdfunding operation:

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Françoise Pommier
Odette Pommier
Gigi Pons
Jean-Pierre Pont
Richard Poppen
Julien Portrait
Rémi Potin
Jean-Michel Poul
Camille Pradere
Corinne Prevost
Catherine Prop
Emmanuelle Prudor
Olivier Puech
Jean-Claude Puravel
Laurent Puskarczyk
Tran Que Lam
Lina Quick
Jean-Gauthier Quintard
Monique Quissol
Margaux Rabiller
Christophe Raffy
Philippe Rafortho
Alice Rahmoun
Pascal Raillard
Joelle Rama
Agathe Ramonnet
Rachel Ramusat
Jean Paul Ransan
Daniel Rausch
François Ravel
Julie Rayer
Florence Raymond
Fabien Raynaud
Michel Rayot
Sophie Reboud
Léo Regeard
Martine Regourd
Michel Reichard
Michel Reilhac
Anne-Marie Renaud
Fabienne Renault
Pinel René
Sandra Retif
Anthony Revelle
Xavier Rey
Veronique Reymondon
René Richard
Francois Richard
Jean François Richert
Andrew Ricks
Alessandra Ricotti
Frederic Rillardon
Karelle Ringot
Stéphanie Riquard
Marie Robert
Nina Robin
Camille Roblin
Philippe Rochette
Alix Roellinger
Michele Roguet
Pascal Roguet
Pierre-Olivier Rolland
Lauréline Romuald
Catherine Rosane
Dominique Rose
Fred Rose
Chantal Rossier
Christian Rouault
Odile Rouby
Dominique Rouby
Romain Roudot
Nadine Rouillon
Marie-Ange Roulant
Josyane Rousseau-Best
Marc Roussel
François Rousset De Pina
Madeleine Rouveloup
Marine Rouvier
Michel Roux-Dessarps
Delphine Roux-Desselas
Anne Roybier
Marie-Jeanne Royer
Leïla Roze Des Ordons
James Rubin
Clara Ruestchmann
Julian Sabos
Maec Sackur
Philippe Safa
Laure Saint-Jeannet
Mathilde Salis
Fabien Salvi
Michèle Samama
Gari Sapharian
Sophie Sarazin
Bernard et Lydwine Saulnier-Pernuit
Maëlle Savina
Valerie Scappaticci
Francoise Scarfogliero
Thomas Schaaf
Jeffrey Schlotter
Sophie Schmitgen
Dominique Schmitt
Gilles Schneider
Cyrille Sciama
Ari Paavo Seitsonen
Sylvie Semeteys
Michel Sere
Sabine Seror
Marc Serre
Laetitia Seuret
Jordan Silver
David Siméon
Céline Simeon-Pereira
Olivier Simmat
Xavier Simon
Pierre-Yves Simon
Hamant Simone
Sonia Singh
Pun Siu Yue Dodo
Laura Sommer
Sergio Sorinas
Jean Claude Soubeyrand
Corinne Soubeyrand
Guy Soubeyroux
Marie Souciet-Miller
Pierre-Camille Souyri
Christine Soyez
Nicole Spierckel
Marie Spitzer
Jean-Pierre Steichen
Cécile Steichen
Gwenn Stephan
Astrid Stérin
Franck Stolz
Michel Strauss-Paillard
Jean-Marie Strub
André Stucki
Pauline Studer
Georges et Sibylle Sturm
Michel Suret-Canale
Paul Surowiec
Natacha Swol
Boitier Sylvie
Jean-Christophe Taddei
Anne-Laure Tardy De Boni
Sylvie Taugourdeau
Borjan Tchakaloff
Jean-François Teissier
Gerard Tenoux
Mathilde Ternisien
Pierre Terrain
Denise Thémines
Sophie Théron
Corinne Thery
Maud Thevenot
Anaïs Thibault
Margaux Thierrée
Lucile Thierry
David Thomasset
Anne Thoumyre
Helena Thulin
Julie Tirtiaux
Laurence Tissot
Fabien Todeschini
Léa Toesca
Marianne Tordeux
Anne Tortel
Pierre Toulmé
Myriam Tourne-Figueiredo
Gerard Treilles
Annette Tribondeau
Jérémy Triboulet
Lucie Triboulloy
Aurélie Troccon
Marie-Pierre Trouillet
Fabrice Troupenat
Denis Troupenat
Beatrice Turon
Philippe Valendru
Mireille Valentin
Annick Valette
Sabine Vallerent
Marie-Edith Vallet
Jean Francois Valli
Martine Vancaille
Bastien Vandecasteele
Marine Vandendaele
Roxane Vanhee
Anne Varon
Sophie Vatar
Jean Vaugeois
Emmanuel Vautrin
Evelyne Vecten
Jean-François Veillard
James Velaise
Andree-Anne Venne
Emmanuelle et Denis Vercelot
Guy Verdet
Jacques Vernay
Marlène Vernet
Pascal Verneyre
Philippe Vernier
Jean-Luc Vernier
Jacques Vernier
Crombé Véronique
Philippe Veyrunes
Geraldine Vieillard
Edith-Chris Vieira Da Silva
Edith Vieira Da Silva
Evelyne Vignau
Sandy Vigneron
Raphaël Vigneron
Jean-Michel Vignot
Serge Vilela
Laure Villeneuve
Ghislaine Villette
Marion Vincent
Dominique Voynet
François-Xavier Watine
Pascal Weil
Benjamin Wendling
Pauline Wienders
Maxime Wiewiora
Thom Winterburn
Laurence Woerner
Valentine Wurtz
Anne Yannic
Plourin Yannick
Anne Marie Zamponi
Noleen Zander
Patrick Zbaraszczuk
Jean-Paul Zerbib
Lingyun Zhu
Marie Christine Zinni
Johann Zitouni
Jean-Paul Zitt

Ad Architecture 76
Agence Et Apres
Artistoon Sas
Atelier Du Temps Passé
Atelier Marion Garin
Bertrand Ricq Conseil
Bois Villa Jardin
Cabinet De Kinésithérapie
Commune Libre D'aligre (Paris Xii)
Domaine Laroche
Espace Prépas
Franc Comtoise De Carburants Et De Combustibles
Frogs Don't Make Princes - Karine Pourin
Gld - Groupe Legendre Daniel
Happy Nation / Candelle
Kyosei Leadership Sas
L'atelier Du Peintre Sarl
Le Clos D'hadrien
Les Amis De Jacques Boussard
Lettre En Lien
Malingue S.A.
Monsieur Sloop
Mpi Action
Musée Des Impressionnismes Giverny
Paola Barouk Montefusco Restauration De Tableaux
S.A.R.L. Jérôme Coudray

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