Musée d'Orsay: Architecture


Projet de tour en fonte pour le puits artésien de Passy [Project for a Cast Iron Tower for the Artesian Well in Passy]
Adolphe Alphand
Project for the Artesian Well

The lakes in the Bois de Boulogne are fed by artesian wells in the nearby arrondissements. The well in Lamartine square, called the Passy well, was dug in...
Portique du macellum, Pompéi [Reconstruction of a decoration on the portico of the Macellum in Pompeii]
Gabriel-Auguste Ancelet
Portico of the Macellum, Pompeii

Excavations in Pompeii started in the mid 18th century, although discoveries continued to be made throughout the 19th century. The paintings discovered in the...
Le viaduc de Garabit, plan, élévation, coupes [The Garabit Viaduct, Plan, Elevation, Cross-sections]
Anonymous, Fonds Eiffel
The Garabit Viaduct, Plan, Elevation, Cross-sections

The Garabit viaduct in the Cantal region is Gustave Eiffel's greatest achievement. It was the beginning of his sophisticated projects for the Eiffel Tower but...
Gare méditerranéenne, élévation sur la longueur du bâtiment [Mediterranean station, full-length elevation]
Mediterranean station

This anonymous drawing was certainly produced for the competition of 9 October 1912 for first year students at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. On this occasion, the...
Projet pour la reconstruction des Tuileries, élévation de la façade avec une tour centrale [Proposal for the reconstruction of the Tuileries, elevation of the facade with a central tower]
Proposal for the reconstruction of the Tuileries

Destroyed by fire on 23 May 1871 during the Commune, the ruins of the Tuileries Palace loomed over the centre of Paris for over ten years. As the Republic...
Restitution du forum de la ville antique de Timgad en Numidie (Thamugadi, Algérie),coupe longitudinale [Restitution of the forum of the antique city of Timgad in Numidia (Thamugadi, Algeria), longitudinal section]
Albert Ballu
Restitution of the forum of the antique city of Timgad in Numidia

Timgad in Algeria is one of the largest cities built on the orders of the Emperor Trajan about 100 AD on the grid pattern typical of Roman cities, crossed by...
Projet de piédestal pour la statue d'Etienne Marcel, vue de face et vue latérale [Project for a pedestal for the statue of Etienne Marcel, front view and side view]
Albert Ballu
Project for a pedestal for the statue of Etienne Marcel

When walking around Paris today, one can still see a large equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel (1315-1358) dating from 1888, next to the Hotel de Ville. The...
Paris, église de la Sainte-Trinité. Elévation de la façade latérale [Paris, Church of the Holy Trinity. Elevation of the lateral façade]
Théodore Ballu
Paris, Church of the Holy Trinity

In 1861, the city authorities in Paris decided to build a church in the Chaussée-d'Antin quarter. The works were entrusted to Théodore Ballu, winner of the...
Eglise Saint-Augustin à Paris, élévation de la façade principale [Church of Saint Augustin, Paris, elevation of the main facade]
Victor Baltard
Church of Saint Augustin, Paris

Victor Baltard was one of the architects preferred by Baron Haussmann, the prefect of the Seine who conducted a major campaign to modernise Paris, and his...
Palais de Ghiseh (Gizâ), agrandissement. Coupe longitudinale sur la salle à manger et le grand salon [Palace at Giza, extension. Longitudinal section of the dining room and large drawing room]
Ambroise Baudry
Palace at Giza

In 1871, the architect Ambroise Baudry, brother of the painter Paul Baudry, decided to move to Egypt. He spent fifteen years there, during which he received...
Projet de pont triomphal sur la Seine en face des guichets du Carrousel [Proposal for a triumphal bridge over the Seine opposite the Guichets du Carrousel]
Edouard Bérard
Proposal for a triumphal bridge over the Seine

The first Carrousel bridge had been constructed by the engineer Antoine-Rémy Polonceau between 1831 and 1834. Although its complex structure in cast iron and...
Restitution du décor de la maison dite de Saturninus ou de la paroi noire à Pompéi [Reconstruction of the decoration on the House of Saturninus or the House of the Black Wall in Pompeii]
Louis Bernier
The Black Wall, Pompeii

After winning the Grand Prix de Rome in 1872, Louis Bernier, like his predecessors, took an interest in the discoveries at Pompeii. In 1833, a series of...
Exposition universelle de 1855. Palais de l'Industrie, coupe transversale [Universal Exhibition 1855. Palace of Industry, cross-section]
Max Berthelin
Palace of Industry

The idea of a peaceful international gathering of trade, industry and the fine arts was materialised in 1851 with the first Great Exhibition in London. John...
La fontaine de la maison de l'ours à Pompéi [The fountain of the House of the Bear in Pompeii]
René Binet
The fountain of the House of the Bear in Pompeii

René Binet discovered Italy after winning, in 1893, the Chaudesaigues prize, which enabled young architects to spend two years there. Binet used the...
Etablissement de la Belle Jardinière, magasin ancien, coupe sur la rue des Marmousets [The Belle Jardinière Establishment, historic old store, section on the rue des Marmousets]
Jacques Blanchard
The Belle Jardinière, historic old store

This section of the Belle Jardinière shop, situated on the Île de la Cité in Paris, enables us to see the overall design of a revolutionary establishment....
Maison de la Belle Jardinière, nouveau magasin, élévation de la façade sur la rue Tire-Chape [The Belle Jardinière, new store, elevation of the facade on the rue Tire-Chape]
Henri Blondel
The Belle Jardinière, new store

Founded in 1824 on the Île de la Cité, La Belle Jardinière was the first large store in Paris to bring the sales areas, workshops and employees'...
A sanatorium on the shores of the Mediterranean
Maurice Boille
A sanatorium

The architect Maurice Boille, a pupil of Victor Laloux, was one of the ten pupils chosen on 23 July 1910 for the final test for the Grand Prix...
La Place de la République, projet d'aménagement et de decoration [Place de la République, a project for its development and decoration]
Louis Boitte
Place de la République

On 11 August 1880, the Paris municipal authorities launched a competition for the decoration of the Place de la République. Formerly the Place du Château...
Rome, colonne Trajane, piedestal et départ de la frise [Rome, Trajan's column, pedestal and first section of the frieze]
Louis Boitte
Rome, Trajan's column, pedestal

For his second year submission ("four studies of details of an ancient monument selected by the student", as specified by the Academy), Boitte chose the...
Proposal for the development of the Place de la Concorde in Paris, sections of the porticos on the Tuileries side and Champs-Elysées side, lateral and main facades of an arch and view of a fountain
Louis Boitte
Place de la Concorde, project

This project by Louis Boitte was very ambitious. Presented by the young architect at the 1866 Salon, it involved one of the most emblematic sites of the...
Villa Médicis, vue de la villa à travers les arbres du parc [Villa Medici, view of the villa through the trees of the park]
Louis Boitte
Villa Medici

While staying in Italy, Boitte spent the majority of his time at the Villa Medici, the location of the French Academy in Rome since 1803. This magnificent...
Projet pour un monument à Victor-Emmanuel à Rome, élévation générale [Proposal for a monument to Victor-Emmanuel in Rome, general elevation]
Louis Boitte
Proposal for a monument to Victor-Emmanuel in Rome

In 1880, the fledgling Italian State launched a competition to erect a monument in honour of Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of Italy, who had died in...
Projet pour l'Exposition universelle de 1900, vue générale [Project for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, general view]
Léon Bonnenfant
Project for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, general view

The competition for the general layout of the 1900 Universal Exhibition was launched in August 1894. There were three principal areas involved: the first...
Projet pour la cathédrale Saint John the Divine à New York [Project for the cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York]
Pierre Bossan
Project for the cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York

The competition for the cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York was announced in France in the publication Semaine des constructeurs in July 1888....
Projet de phare monumental pour Paris, élévation [Project for a monumental lighthouse in Paris, elevation]
Jules Bourdais
Monumental lighthouse

During the 19th century, the Engineers turned their attention once more to the idea of a colossal tower. Thus in 1833, the Englishman Richard Trevithick put...
Arc de Constantin à Rome [Constantine's Arch in Rome]
Maurice Boutterin
Constantine's Arch in Rome

In 1912 at the Villa Medici, the submission for the second year architecture students was to be the "current state of all or part of an ancient monument in...
Immeuble de rapport, 1 rue Huysmans à Paris 6e [Apartment Building, 1 rue Huysmans, Paris 6]
Raoul Brandon
Apartment Building, Paris

Although the date is late for the collections in the Musée d'Orsay, this drawing symbolises both the work of a little-known architect called Jacques Ernest...
Immeuble parisien, angle de l'avenue du Maine et de la rue Mouton-Duvernet [Parisian apartment building, corner of avenue du Maine and rue Mouton-Duvernet]
Raoul Brandon
Parisian apartment building

The decree of 13 August 1902 bringing in new provisions for the construction of Parisian buildings was another step (after the decrees of 1882 and 1884)...
Projet pour la reconstruction de l'hôtel de ville de Paris, concours de 1873 [Project for the reconstruction of Paris' city hall, competition of 1873]
Ernest Chardon de Thermeau
Project for the reconstruction of Paris' city hall

After Paris' city hall was destroyed by fire during the Paris Commune in 1871, the "re-erection" of the building became a priority for the authorities who...
Projet pour le Nouvel Opéra, vue perspective [Project for the New Opera House, a Perspective View]
Alphonse Crépinet
Project for the New Opera House

The competition for the new Opera house launched by Napoleon III in 1860 has become legendary. For the first time in nearly twenty years, the State decided to...
Théâtre de la Gaîté, élévation de la façade principale et profils [Théâtre de la Gaîté, elevation of the main façade and profiles]
Alphonse-Adolphe Cusin
Théâtre de la Gaîté

Baron Haussmann's building projects and the construction of the grand boulevards resulted in many theatres being demolished, like the popular establishments...
Propriété de M. Chatel, 207 rue de Crimée [Property of Mr. Chatel, 207 rue de Crimée]
Léon Cuzol
Property of Mr. Chatel, 207 rue de Crimée

The apartment building at 207 rue de Crimée in Paris was commissioned by Victor Chatel, who owned the land and the foundry there. The new building retained...
Projet de reconstruction de la Sorbonne, façades sur la rue Saint-Jacques, élévation. [Project for the Reconstruction of the Sorbonne, Facades on the Rue Saint Jacques, elevation]
Alphonse Alexandre Defrasse
Project for the Reconstruction of the Sorbonne, Facades on the Rue Saint Jacques, elevation

Almost all the governments from the First Empire to the Third Republic wanted to rebuild the Sorbonne. The most accomplished projects were those of Léon...
Projet pour l'Exposition universelle de 1900, façade principale du palais central, sur le Champ-de-Mars [Project for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, main façade of the central palace, on the Champ-de-Mars]
Alphonse-Alexandre Defrasse
1900 Universal Exhibition, project

From 1894 the French government organised competitions for the 1900 Universal Exhibition. This period was to allow them plenty of time to select projects...
Projet pour un palais d'expositions, élévation de la façade principale [Project for an Exhibition Hall, elevation of the main façade]
Jules Deperthes
Exhibition Hall

As part of the Louis Varcollier collection that competed in the Petit Palais project for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, this drawing on tracing paper,...
Fantaisie architecturale en style pompéien [Architectural Fantasy in the Style of Pompeii]
Félix Duban
Architectural Fantasy

Duban's "Compositions" amazed and delighted visitors to the posthumous exhibition of his work held at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1872. These thirty or so...
Composition d'antiques : intérieur d'un tombeau étrusque[Composition of Antiques: Interior of an Etruscan Tomb]
Félix Duban
Composition of Antiques

In the first half of the nineteenth century, the recent discovery of some of the finest painted Etruscan tombs fired the imagination of students at the...
Hôtel Galliera, projet de décoration pour un salon de musique [Hôtel Galliera, design for the decoration of a music room]
Félix Duban
Hôtel Galliera

The restoration of the Hôtel Galliera, today the Hôtel Matignon, occupied Félix Duban for about ten years. This 18th century building, with its high...
La Moisson [The Harvest]
Félix Duban
The Harvest

This scene of village life in a reinvented antiquity is one of those Compositions that reveal the fantasist and imaginative nature of Félix Duban. Here, the...
Villa de M. B… au Parc Saint Maur, plans, élévations, coupe transversale [Mr B.'s Villa in the Saint Maur park, plans, elevations, cross-section]
Frédéric Marin
Mr B.'s Villa in the Saint Maur park

Towards the mid-nineteenth century, the town of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, about fifteen kilometres southeast of Paris, enjoyed a population boom. When the...
Exposition universelle de 1889, coupe transversale du palais des Beaux-arts, état définitif [1889 Universal Exhibition, cross section of the Palace of Fine Arts, final drawing]
Jean-Camille Formigé
Palace of Fine Arts

The architecture competition for the buildings in the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris was launched on 3 May 1886. There were one hundred and seven...
Projet de monument de la Fédération [Proposal for a monument to the Federation]
Jean-Camille Formigé
Proposal for a monument to the Federation

As the centenary of the French revolution approached, Formigé suggested building a monument commemorating the famous Fête de la Fédération organised on...
Design for the redevelopment of the Butte Montmartre, bird's-eye view
Jean-Camille Formigé
Redevelopment of the Butte Montmartre

Appointed architect of Promenades and Plantations for the city of Paris in 1884, Jean-Camille Formigé designed squares and fountains, and planned some of the...
Temple à la Pensée, dédié à Beethoven, vue en cours de construction [Temple of Thought, Dedicated to Beethoven, under construction]
François Garas
Temple of Thought

François Garas was an original, mysterious architect whose lively, imaginative works sought to translate ideas, sensations and musical rhythms into...
Intérieur d'artiste, coupe sur le cabinet de travail [Artist's Interior, cross section of a study]
François Garas
Artist's Interior

François Garas remains a mysterious architect, whose artistic pantheon included Baudelaire and Edgar Allen Poe, as well as John Ruskin, Richard Wagner, Jean...
"Ma petite Maison", façade est, nuit ["My Little House", East Facade, Night]
François Garas
"My Little House"

At the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in 1909, when François Garas presented his great design for a Temple of Thought dedicated to Beethoven,...
Model for the Paris Opera
Charles Garnier
Paris Opera

In June 1861, the young Charles Garnier won the competition, launched in December 1860, for the construction of a new opera house in Paris. He began by...
Le palais des Doges [The courtyard of the Doge's palace in Venice]
Charles Garnier
The Doge's Palace

The winner of the first Grand Prix de Rome in 1848, Charles Garnier discovered Italy the following year when he stayed at the Villa Medici. The theme of...
Vue intérieure de l'église Saint-Clément à Rome [Interior view of the church of San Clemente in Rome]
Charles Garnier
The church of San Clemente, Rome

Charles Garnier won the Grand Prix de Rome in1848. Among the submissions that he sent to the Academy during his five year stay at the Villa Medici was one,...
Projet pour l'église Notre-Dame-des-Champs, boulevard du Montparnasse à Paris (6e). Façade ouest [Draft version for the Church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs, boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris (6th). West Façade]
Léon Ginain
Notre-Dame-des-Champs, draft version

As well as transforming the road network of Paris, Baron Haussmann set about constructing many its public buildings. It was therefore thanks to him that a...
Coupe transversale d'une église [Longitudinal section of a church]
Alphonse Gosset
Longitudinal section of a church

Settling in Rheims after his training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he had studied under his father Pierre-Louis Gosset and Charles Questel,...
Théâtre de Reims, façade principale, élévation [Theatre of Rheims, main façade, elevation]
Alphonse Gosset
Theatre of Rheims

In 1866, a competition was launched for the construction of the Rheims theatre and was won by Alphonse Gosset, who trained with his father Pierre-Louis Gosset...
Rome, palais Farnèse, élévation du rez-de-chaussée sur cour [Rome, Farnese palace, elevation of the ground floor overlooking the courtyard]
Alphonse Gosset
Rome, Farnese palace

Alphonse Gosset, whose grandfather and father were architects in the Rheims area, trained firstly with his father in Rheims, then, in 1857, at the Ecole des...
Paysages de pierres et d'herbes ornementés [Landscapes of ornamental stones and grass]
Eugène Grasset
Landscapes of ornamental stones and grass

Alongside his career as a creative artist, Grasset was a teacher and design theorist of great repute, giving classes in decorative composition between 1891...
Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher [Joan of Arc at the Stake], version for stained glass window
Eugène Grasset
Joan of Arc at the Stake

In 1893, a competition was organised to decorate the windows of the nave of the Sainte-Croix d'Orléans cathedral. It included a design for ten stained glass...
Exposition universelle de 1878, palais du Champ de Mars, coupe transversale, galerie de XV mètres [1878 Universal Exhibition, Palace of the Champ de Mars, cross-section, XV metre gallery]
Léopold Amédée Hardy
Palace of the Champ de Mars

Assistant architect for the French section of the 1862 Universal Exhibition in London, and chief architect of the Palace of the Champ de Mars in 1867, with...
Palais de l'Electricité, water tower and Palais de la Mécanique et des Industries chimiques.
Eugène Hénard, Edmond Paulin
1900 World Fair

Situated opposite the Eiffel Tower at the far end of the Champ de Mars, the Palais de l'Electricité was the "star attraction" of the 1900 World Fair. The...
Temple de Dendérah en Egypte [Dendera Temple in Egypt]
Jacques-Ignace Hittorf
Dendera Temple in Egypt

Jacques-Ignace Hittorff, a prolific builder (church of St Vincent de Paul, Gare du Nord railway station in Paris), was an architect with a keen interest in...
Vue de l'intérieure d'une basilique antique restituée [View of the interior of a restored classical basilica]
Jacques Ignace Hittorff
Interior of a classical basilica

Hittorff left drawings of many archaeological reconstructions in which he vehemently defended the reconstitution of classical polychromy. In this enormous...
Temple T à Sélinonte (Sicile), élévation restituée de la façade principale [Temple T at Selinunte (Sicily), reconstructed elevation of the main facade]
Jacques Ignace Hittorff
Temple T, Sicily

An established architect in the service of Louis XVIII, Hittorff completed his training with several trips at the beginning of 1820. Thus the young man spent...
Projet pour une résidence des princes étrangers à Schönbrunn, extrémité de la façade sur cour [Project for a Residence for Foreign Princes at Schönbrunn, End of the Façade Facing the Courtyard]
Emil Hoppe
Project for a Residence at Schönbrunn

This drawing is one of fifteen produced during Emil Hoppe's third and last year in a class run by Otto Wagner, the leading architect in the Viennese...
An Opera for the City of Paris
Hector Horeau
An Opera for the City of Paris

Known as the Opéra Le Peletier, the theater of the Royal Academy of Music was built in 1821 by Francois Debret. Located in Rue Le Peletier, it was ravaged by...
Projet d'un palais de cristal dans le parc de Saint-Cloud, vue intérieure [Project for a Crystal Palace in the Park of Saint Cloud, interior view]
Owen Jones
Project for a Crystal Palace in the Park of Saint Cloud

The dazzling Crystal Palace, erected in London for the first Great Exhibition in 1851 was so popular that from 1860 until 1894 there was talk of building a...
Grand hôtel Wiesler à Graz (Autriche), salle des fêtes [Wiesler Hotel in Graz, Austria, Banquet Hall]
Marcel Kammerer
Wiesler Hotel in Graz, Austria

This drawing shows the entrance to the reception room, or banquet hall, in the Wiesler Hotel in Graz, Austria, refurbished in two phases by the architect and...
Maison dite de Bramante à Rome, élévation de la façade[Bramante's house in Rome, elevation of the façade]
Hector Lefuel
Bramante's House, Rome

A pupil of Jean Nicolas Huyot, Hector Lefuel won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1839. One year later, he produced a list of the Renaissance buildings that he could...
Monument à la gloire de la Révolution française [Monument to the Glory of the French Revolution]
Louis-Ernest Lheureux
Monument to the Glory of the French Revolution

The centenary of the French Revolution in 1889 gave rise to many commemorative projects. The site of the Tuileries Palace – which burned in 1871 and was...
Projet pour la gare des Invalides, élévations [Proposal for the Invalides Railway Station, elevations]
Juste Lisch
Invalides Railway Station, proposal

These two elevations were for the new station that the Compagnie de l'Ouest planned to build when they decided to extend the line from Moulineaux to the...
Une salle des fêtes dans la galerie des Machines, exposition universelle de 1900 [A Banquet Hall in the Machine Gallery, Universal Exhibition of 1900]
Edouard Loviot
A Banquet Hall, 1900

The Machine Gallery built by the architect Ferdinand Dutert and the engineer Victor Contamin for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 was a major technical...
Théâtre du Vaudeville, élévation de la rotonde [The Vaudeville Theatre, Elevation of the Rotunda]
Auguste-Joseph Magne
The Vaudeville Theatre

This carefully worked drawing, with its curved top, cloudy sky, wash and gold highlights over black ink, was executed in 1870 after the construction of the...
Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino: elevation of the main facade
Roland Martin
Saint-Jean-de-Luz Casino

As seaside resorts began to appear along the French coasts during the Second Empire, the casino gradually became a part of the landscape of the "Spa Towns"....
Projet d'église pour une commune ayant une population de 5000 âmes, façade latérale [Project for a church in a community of 5000 people, lateral facade]
Eugène Louis Millet
Project for a church

In1853, the Minister for Public Instruction and Religion asked the diocesan architects to put together some standard designs for churches (for communities of...
Projet pour le pavillon de l'Homme à l'Exposition universelle de 1900 [Proposal for the Pavillon de l'Homme at the 1900 Universal Exhibition]
Alphonse Mucha
Proposal for the Pavillon de l'Homme at the 1900 Universal Exhibition

Many of the proposals submitted to the 1894 competition for the 1900 Universal Exhibition planned to modify the Eiffel Tower, retaining only the first...
Projet d'un monument à Gambetta sur le pont de la Concorde [Proposal for a monument to Gambetta on the Pont de la Concorde]
Henri Paul Nénot
Monument to Gambetta, project

Born in 1838, Léon Gambetta was a leading political figure who played a major role in opposing the Second Empire, organising the defence of Paris in 1871,...
Elévation de la façade du palais Pitti à Florence  [Elevation of the facade of the Pitti Palace in Florence]
Henri Paul Nénot
Pitti Palace in Florence

This Facade of the Pitti Palace was one of a set of two drawings, a plan and an elevation, produced by Nénot in 1880 for his second year "envoi" at the Villa...
Projet de salle de séjour de la maison de M. Irving à Decatur, Illinois
George Mann Niedecken
Living room

A collector of oriental objets d'art, and particularly of Japanese prints, this beautiful drawing illustrates the interior designer and architect George Mann...
Atrium de la maison dite de Cornélia Rufo, Pompéi [Atrium of the House of Cornelia Rufo, Pompeii]
Alfred-Nicolas Normand
Atrium de la maison dite de Cornélia Rufo, Pompéi

Alfred Normand, son of the architect Louis Normand, won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1846, opening the way for him to spend several years at the Villa Medici in...
Projet de rajeunissement du jardin des Tuileries, plan [Proposal for the modernisation of the Tuileries Garden, plan]
Joseph Olive
Proposal for the modernisation of the Tuileries

In January 1880, while the fate of the ruins of the Tuileries Palace, burnt down during the Commune of 1871, was still undecided, Olive and Bénard put...
Projet pour le théâtre du Prince impérial [Proposal for the Théâtre du Prince Impérial]
Justin Ollivier
Théâtre du Prince Impérial, project

Wishing to create wider, better-ventilated streets in Paris and make them safer, Baron Haussmann, decided, during the Second Empire, to clear the Boulevard du...
Projet pour le palais du Champs de Mars de l'Exposition universelle de 1867 à Paris, élévation [Design for the Palais du Champs de Mars for the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris, elevation]
Sir Joseph Paxton
Design for the 1867 Universal Exhibition

Sir Joseph Paxton had acquired an international reputation for the Crystal Palace, his iconic structure created for the first Great Exhibition held in London...
Apartment Building, 109 rue de Turenne and rue des Filles-du-Calvaire
Hippolyte Marie Pigault
Parisian building, project

Toward the end of the 1860s, the architect Hippolyte Marie Pigault conceived this large building to occupy a plot of land at the intersection of Rues de...
Exposition universelle de 1900, projet pour le Grand Palais [Universal Exhibition of 1900, Project for the Grand Palais]
Louis Pille
Universal Exhibition of 1900, Project for the Grand Palais

In 1894, Louis Pille, who was then only twenty-six, entered a project in the competition for buildings for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. All the projects...
La reine Victoria inaugurant l'Exposition universelle de 1851, au Crystal Palace de Londres [Queen Victoria opening the 1851 Universal Exhibition, at the Crystal Palace in London]
Thomas Abel Prior
Queen Victoria opening the 1851 Exhibition

Thomas Abel Prior was an illustrator, watercolourist and engraver of Turner's work, who, for many years, taught drawing in Calais. In this watercolour he...
La maison de Solness le Constructeur [The House of Solness the Builder]
Henry Provensal
The House of Solness

Presented in the architecture section at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts exhibition in 1903, Provensal's design came as a surprise set amid the...
Paysage fantastique: tours et flèches enveloppées de nuages [Fantastic landscape: towers and spires in the clouds]
Gaston Redon
Fantastic landscape

The brother of Odilon Redon, and the winner of the Grand Prix de Rome in 1883, Gaston Redon built very little and became the architect of the Louvre and the...
Projet de villa sur les bords de la Seine [Project for a villa on the banks of the Seine]
Jules Rischmann
Project for a villa on the banks of the Seine

Alongside his brilliant career as an official architect, Jules Rischmann also distinguished himself in the area of private architecture as this project from...
Dessin pour le projet d'Alfred Gilbert pour la tombe du duc de Clarence [Drawing for Alfred Gilbert's project for the tomb of the Duke of Clarence]
Arthur Robertson
Proposal for the tomb of the Duke of Clarence

In 1894, the sculptor Alfred Gilbert, famous for his highly popular Eros in Piccadilly Circus London, commissioned the painter Arthur Robertson to create an...
Bourgeons de frêne [Ash Buds]
Victor-Marie-Charles Ruprich-Robert
Ash Buds

In 1866-1876 Ruprich-Robert published a seminal work: Flore Ornementale. Essai sur la composition de l'ornement. Eléments tirés de la nature et principes de...
Projet pour un monument à la gloire de la Révolution française [Monument to the glory of the French Revolution]
Alphonse Ruy
Monument to the glory of the French Revolution

In 1884, it was decided that five years hence there would be an enormous Universal Exhibition in Paris to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution....
Design for a ceramic decoration in the Thermal Baths of Mont-Dore
Faïencerie de Sarreguemines
Design for a decoration, Thermal Baths of Mont-Dore

The Mont-Dore spa dates back to Roman antiquity. A major extension was completed between 1890 and 1893 by the architect Emile Camut, which brought him great...
Villa Vojcsik, Vienne, façade sur rue, élévation et perspective [Villa Vojcsik, Vienna, facade facing the street, elevation and perspective]
Otto Schönthal
Villa Vojcsik, Vienna

In 1997, the museum was given a rare opportunity to acquire an outstanding set of drawings by three great Viennese architects, all followers of Otto Wagner:...
Projet de reconstruction de l'Opéra Comique, façade latérale sur la rue Favart [Project to Rebuild the Opéra Comique, side elevation, Rue Favart]
Henri Schmit
Project to Rebuild the Opéra Comique

The history of the Opéra Comique, like that of many theatres before electric lighting was installed, was marked by fires. The first theatre, built in 1783,...
Maquette de la façade et de la véranda du théâtre de la porte Saint-Martin à Paris [Model of the façade and verandah of the Theatre de la porte Saint-Martin in Paris]
Henri Schmit
Théâtre de la porte Saint-Martin

The Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin, like many other theatres, was burned down in May 1871 during the Commune, and was rebuilt in 1873. Its façade was...
Design for the decoration of the main panel of a staircase
Georges Tardif
Design for the decoration of a staircase

Georges Tardif enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1885, training in the studio of the architect Eugène Train, and very quickly became interested in...
Projet pour l'opéra de Paris : façade principale [Proposal for the Paris Opera: main façade]
Jacques Martin Tétaz
Proposal for the Paris Opera

From 1821 until it was destroyed by fire in 1873, the Paris Opera House was situated in rue Le Peletier, in the 9th arrondissement. The shortcomings of...
Premier projet pour la façade du théâtre des Champs-Elysées [First proposal for the facade of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées]
Henry Van de Velde
Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

After the idea was initiated by the theatre promoter Gabriel Astruc and the financier Gabriel Thomas, who wished to provide Paris with a large modern...
Varcollier Caserne des Célestins à Paris, vue prise à vol d'oiseau [Caserne des Célestins in Paris, bird's eye view]
Marcellin Varcollier
Caserne des Célestins

A pupil of Victor Baltard, a very influential city architect in Paris (he was appointed director in 1860), Marcellin Varcollier was very young when he joined...
Projet de construction pour la pointe de l'île de la Cité, élévation de la rotonde [Proposal for the construction for the Pointe de l'île de la Cité, elevation of the rotunda]
Marcellin Varcollier
Proposal for the Île de la Cité

The Pont-Neuf and the area around it, and the westerly tip of the Île de la Cité in Paris were created by Henri III in 1578. The beauty of this setting and...
Exposition universelle de 1878 : façade du pavillon du Luxembourg [1878 Universal Exhibition: façade of the Luxembourg pavilion]
Alfred Vaudoyer
The Luxembourg pavilion

After the humiliation of defeat in 1870, the suffering of the tragic events of the Commune, and the indemnity to Germany of five billion francs in gold,...
Monument funéraire commémoratif de la défense de Paris : élévation [Funerary monument commemorating the Defence of Paris: elevation]
Alfred Vaudoyer
Funerary monument

Very shortly after the French defeat at Sedan in 1870 and the disturbances of the Commune in 1871, the French Institute asked the architectural students at...
Projet de toile peinte pour l'ouvrage "Histoire d'une maison" [Project for a Painted Canvas for the book "Histoire d'une maison"]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Project for a Painted Canvas

Viollet-le-Duc's talents were also used for educational purposes, as he published two children's books. One tells the story of a boy who wanted to build a...
Maison à pans de fer et revêtements de faïence [Iron-frame house with glazed earthenware cladding]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Iron-frame house

This drawing published by Viollet-le-Duc in 1872 in his famous Discourses on Architecture, has become a legendary image, a true architectural icon. The...
Colonne Trajane à Rome, bas-relief de la face principale du piédestal [Trajan's Column in Rome, bas-relief on the principal face of the pedestal]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Trajan's Column in Rome

The astonishing Trajan Column in Rome, erected in 113 AD by the Emperor Trajan (53-117) to commemorate his victories against the Dacians, was of...
Vue de Florence [View of Florence]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
View of Florence

The young Viollet-le-Duc, who scorned the academic system, refused to take the usual path of studying at the École des Beaux-Arts. He was thus ineligible for...
Fragment d'architecture pompéienne pour "Histoire d'un dessinateur" [Fragment of Pompeian Architecture for "The Story of a Young Designer"]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Fragment of Pompeian Architecture

After the war of 1870, Viollet-le-Duc decided to involve himself in public life. He devoted himself notably to a series of books for the layman, intended to...
Relevé de frise antique du forum de Trajan à Rome [Record drawing of antique frieze from Trajan's Forum in Rome]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Record drawing of antique frieze

Trajan's forum was one of the largest forums of the Roman Empire, mainly constructed at the beginning of the 2nd century AD by Apollodorus of...
Le temple de Neptune à Paestum [The Temple of Neptune at Paestum]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
The Temple of Neptune at Paestum

This wash, dated 24 July 1836, represents the Temple of Neptune, today attributed to Hera. It is the most imposing and the best preserved of the...
Temple de Neptune à Paestum. Elévation de la façade restaurée. Côté de l'est [Temple of Neptune at Paestum. Elevation of the restored facade. East side.]
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Temple of Neptune at Paestum. Elevation of the restored facade

In 1850, the scholar Jules Gailhabaud (born in 1810) published Ancient and Modern Monuments. Collections forming a history of architecture and people through...

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