Musée d'Orsay: Camille Naudot Snowballs cup

Camille Naudot
Snowballs cup

Boules de neige [Snowball] cup
Camille Naudot (1862-1938)
Boules de neige [Snowball] cup
Soft-paste porcelain, clear glaze over pierced openwork and body, relief gold highlights
H. 85; W. 10.8 cm
© RMN-Grand Palais (musée d'Orsay) / Konstantinos Ignatiadis

Boule de neige [Snowballs] cup

The son of a porcelain merchant, Camille Naudot trained at the Ecole de Sèvres and succeeded his father about 1889. In order to carry on his research into soft-paste porcelain, he set up a business at Le Raincy in 1893 and a store at 10 rue Auber, Paris. He perfected a new fine soft paste and set about reproducing 18th-century soft-paste pieces, delighting customers wanting to match up their table services. He specialised in the rice-grain decoration inspired by Chinese porcelain, of which this piece, made in 1903, is a magnificent example. The pierced openwork is filled with transparent glaze, the décor is heightened by enamel on the body and relief gold highlights. Camille Naudot won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and the Grand Prix at the exhibitions in St Petersburg in 1901 and in London in 1908.

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