Fabio Biondi, conductor; Europa Galante

Orsay en scène
May 31st, 2022
 (2021:06:16 18:06:42+02:00)
Europa Galante (2021)
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Celebrated worldwide for their triumphs in Baroque music, Fabio Biondi and his accomplices in Europa Galante surprise us with a program devoted to the masters of Catalan neoclassicism, Albéniz and Granados.

However, there is a real continuity, between the two composers, both trained in Barcelona by Juan Baptista Pujol, and that eighteenth century Spain already lost in the nostalgia of a past grandeur. That of a gallant, sentimental and twilight art, where the fire still smolders under the ashes, rekindling for a brief moment a picaresque verve, or the nightmare visions of a Goya that Granados admired so much. This concert is also an opportunity to discover, through Fabio Biondi's transcription, the astonishing version of Albéniz' Four Seasons.

On the program

  • Isaac Albeniz,
    • The Seasons, for string quartet, op. 201 transcribed by Fabio Biondi
  • Enrique Granados
    • Quintet for Piano and Strings in G minor, op. 49 
    • Trio for piano and strings, op. 50
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