Jordi Savall; Hespèrion XXI

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May 19th, 2022
 (2021:06:17 11:06:47+02:00)
Jordi Savall (2021)
david ignaszewski / David Ignaszewski

No risk of a far-fetched connection between Gaudí and Jordi Savall. Their link is Barcelona, as well as this vision of art as a form of spiritual meditation, where the poet of the viol and the poet of the stones commune in the same otherworldly clarity.

The great Catalan musician, to whom the resurrection of the Renaissance and Baroque repertoires owes so much, thus made his instrument the medium of a metaphysical reflection expressed in forms that are paradoxically both simple and of popular inspiration, even if they very quickly reveal their immense refinement. This program devoted to the Folies (from Spain, of course, but also from England and Italy) thus illustrates a musical literature in which the obstinate character of the rhythmic and thematic bases opens up to infinite possibilities of variation.


  • Jordi Savall
  • Hespèrion XXI

On the program

Folías and Romanescas by Diego Ortiz, Juan García de Zèspedes, Alessandro Corelli, Antonio Martín y Coll, Luigi Corelli, Francisco Correa de Arauxo and Antonio Valente.

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