Musée d'Orsay: Group tours

Group tours

No admittance for groups without prior booking, with or without a guide.

You can book two types of tour:

  • Unguided tours, led by the group leader (e.g. an interpreter-guide or approved tour guide, a teacher with pupils, etc.) or without a guide,
  • guided tours, led by a Musée d’Orsay guide.

Groups are admitted by reservation only, Tuesday to Saturday, 9.15am to 3.45pm (Thursdays until 7.45pm)

We advise you to send your reservation request 1 month before the requested visit date.

Authorisation to guide

The following are authorised to serve as guides, subject to presenting proof of their entitlement to the information staff:

1. curators of all state-controlled national museums, as well as all museum curators holding a professional card issued or recognised by the Ministry of Culture

2. those entitled to conduct a guided tour in museums and historic monuments (decree 2005-791 of 12 July 2005), and holding one of the following cards:

  • national lecturer
  • national guide-interpreter
  • regional guide-interpreter (Ile de France)
  • guide-lecturer for towns and regions of artistic and historical importance
  • valid authorisation from the Prefect or Minister in the case of foreign lecturers

3. guides approved by the Centre for National Monument

4. teachers with their classes, and day camp entertainers

5. employees of the museum authorised by the Museum Director

6. those individually authorised by the Director of the Museums of France or by the Museum Director

Anyone wishing to lead an independent guided tour, and not belonging to one of the above categories, must present a detailed request for authorisation to guide to the director of public.

Authorisation to guide a group is terminated at the end of the allocated time-slot.


For adult group visits, the museum provides all visitors with an audiophone, on deposit of an identity document from the group leader. For security reasons, no outside equipment can be accepted on museum premises.

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