Musée d'Orsay: Views


Non-commercial photo shoots

Rate per object
Simple shot: € 50
Special shot
(moving a work, presence of a curator, etc.): € 100

For all enquiries


Advertising productions

Daily rate from 9am to 5pm can be divided into half days (4 hours)
Single rate for photography or film: € 15,000 per day

Multimedia products

Rate per product produced (DVD. CD ROMs, etc)
Rate: € 3,000

Exemption from photography or filming fees

Exemption from photography or filming fees can be given, on request:

- to teachers, art students, cinema students, artist, cultural or humanitarian organisations for educational and cultural projects with no commercial objectives

- for promotional press reports (photo or television) which will promote the museum's image, its permanent collections, exhibitions or multidisciplinary activities: press agencies (press reports on events), news reports (television news), cultural and tourist broadcasts for the general public

- production companies co-producing films with the museum.

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