Musée d'Orsay: Ingmarssönerna [Sons of Ingmar]

Ingmarssönerna [Sons of Ingmar]

Victor Sjöström
1918. Silent. Sweden
124 mins

A peasant working in his fields imagines that he goes to heaven to ask his father for advice. Alternatively, how the strength of his love for a young woman accused of killing her child, born out of wedlock, succeeds in overcoming adversity.

Sjöström spent almost two years adapting the first two chapters of Selma Lagerlöf’s masterpiece Jerusalem in Dalama. The initial naivety in the description of Paradise, the lyricism and simplicity, the strong bonds between the living and the dead, all prefigure The Phantom Carriage. The film's huge success enabled its producer, Magnusson, to set up the Swedish film production company Svenk Filmindustri.

Ingmarssönerna [Sons of Ingmar]
Victor SjöströmLa voix des ancêtres1918© The Swedish film Institute

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