Musée d'Orsay: Great Expectations

Great Expectations

David Lean
1946. English, Fr subtitles
118 mins

While visiting his parents' grave, Pip comes to the aid of an escaped prisoner by stealing some food from his guardians. Some time after that, the boy is taken to a strange house where he meets a sinister old woman and is fascinated by her young protégée, Estella.

Along with Oliver Twist, this film is unanimously considered to be the best film adaptation of Dickens, in its visual interpretation of the novel. The use of light and shade gives it an Expressionist dimension. The strange, sometimes almost fantastic, nature of certain characters and certain scenes is in keeping with a child's view of a frightening world.

Great Expectations
Extrait deLes grandes espérancesde David Lean, 1946© Carlotta Films

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