Musée d'Orsay: The Ghost and Mrs Muir

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1947. English, Fr subtitles
102 mins

Lucy Muir, a young widow who had always wanted to live near the sea, moves to Gull Cottage on the edge of a cliff. The ghost of the old sea dog who used to own the house makes Lucy Muir realise that her real life is elsewhere.

The film was part of a trend in the Hollywood cinema of the 1940s presenting characters who were fascinated by photographic or painted portraits and by psychoanalysis. Could Captain Gregg be a figment of a young woman as she searches for solitude far away from the constraints of a society that she has chosen to leave? Bernard Hermann’s music, influenced by the tonality of Debussy, contributes to the dreamlike atmosphere.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir
Extrait de L'Aventure de Madame MuirJoseph L. Mankiewicz, 1947© Swachbuckler films

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