Musée d'Orsay: Finland in the time of Sibelius and Gallen-Kallela

Finland in the time of Sibelius and Gallen-Kallela


Akseli Gallen-KallelaSymposium© Collection particulière / Photo Jani Kuusenaho / Tampere Art Museum
When it was published on 28 February 1835, the first Kalevala or Old Karelian Songs about Ancient Times of the Finnish People, gave the inhabitants of today’s Finland both their past and their future. In Finland itself, this event gave rise to a cultural movement, which reached its peak at the turn of the century through writers, painters, musicians, academics and philologers. It was the background to the years when Sibelius belonged to an informal circle that brought together artists who championed "Art Nouveau". These included the conductor Robert Kajanus, the composer Oskar Merikanto and the painter Akselli Gallen-Kallela who caused a scandal with his painting Symposium (1894) by representing these figures with staring eyes and elbows leaning on a table littered with bottles of wine and half-empty glasses.
"You could give free rein to your imagination and your ideas. […] These exchanges of views with like-minded people were very stimulating – they confirmed my intentions, and gave me confidence!" Sibelius admitted in 1935.
We will be able to witness these fruitful exchanges, the musical echo of these discussions, in a series of concerts presented by the Musée d’Orsay on the occasion of the Gallen-Kallela exhibition.

Soile Isokoski, soprano
Marita Viitasalo, piano
Oskar Merikanto
Ilmattaren laulu
Metsäkyyhkyset, op. 47/1
Kuin hiipuva hiillos tummentuu, op. 47/2
Öiset tiuvut
Kun päivä paistaa
Toivo Kuula
Jääkukkia, op. 24/2
Sinipiika, op. 23/1
Marjatan laulu, op. 8/2
Suutelo, op. 8/1
Purjein kuutamolla, op. 31a/1
Yrjö Kilpinen
Illalla, op. 23/1
Rannalta I, op. 19/9
Kesäyö, op. 23/3
Maassa marjani makaavi, op. 3/3
Jean Sibelius
Reed, Reed, Rustle, op.36/2
O Brothers, O Sisters, O Loving Couples, op.85/6
Longing is Part of my Heritage, op.86/2
Echo, op. 72/4
But my bird is nowhere to be seen, op.36/2
The Maid returned from meeting her Lover, op.36/5

Thu 9 February 2012 - 20h00
Musée d'Orsay

auditorium, level -2

Régis Pasquier, violin
Arto Noras, cello
Ralf Gothóni, piano
Jean Sibelius
Sonatine pour piano et violon en mi majeur, Op. 80
Aulis Sallinen
Trio avec piano "Les visions fugitives", Op. 96
Jean Sibelius
Malinconia, for cello and piano, Op. 20
Trio pour piano et cordes en do majeur "Lovisa", JS 208

Thu 8 March 2012 - 20h00
Musée d'Orsay

auditorium, level -2

Karen Vourc'h, soprano
Vanessa Wagner, piano
Jean Sibelius
Since then I have questioned no further, op.17 no.1
A Dragonfly, op.17 no.5
Song I from the Kalevala
The Three Blind Sisters, op.46 no.5
Deux mélodies de Shakespeare, Op. 60
Erkki Melartin
The White Moon, op.19 no.2
Reynaldo Hahn
The Exquisite Hour
Leevi Madetoja
Romance sans parole ("Il pleure dans mon coeur"), op.36 no.1
Claude Debussy
Il pleure dans mon coeur, extract from Ariettes oubliées
Clair de lune, FL 45
Edvard Grieg
The Time of Roses
A Dream
A Swan
Dance of the Goats
Quatre mélodies du coeur
Gabriel Fauré
Clair de lune, Op. 46, no 2

Thu 15 March 2012 - 20h00
Musée d'Orsay

auditorium, level -2

Free concert

Eija Kankaanranta, kantele
Maria Puusaari, Violin
Jean Sibelius
Mazurka, Op. 81, no 1
Romance, Op. 78, no 2
Tanz-Idylle, Op. 79, no 5
Novelette, Op. 102, n°1
Björken, Op. 75, n°4
Rondino, Op. 81, no 2
Lotta Wennäkoski
Sival, for kantele and violin
Osmo Tapio Raihala
Seurat I , world première
Aarre Merikanto
Sid Hille
Près d'ici, world première
Oskar Merikanto
Berceuse, Op. 92
Valse lente

Fri 30 March 2012 - 19h30
Musée d'Orsay
Auditorium niveau -2

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