Musée d'Orsay: Recital by Bernarda Fink and Roger Vignoles

Recital by Bernarda Fink and Roger Vignoles

Born in Argentina of Slovenian parents, Bernarda Fink has always been fond of bringing together, in her melody programs, the cultures and languages she masters so perfectly. From the island of Ariane to the horizons of the pampas, the waves are agitated and the intoxication of the journey takes us still, between the Greece dear to the Romantics, the mountains of Central Europe and the Spanish exoticism that Wolf dreamed without never knowing it.

Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano
Roger Vignoles, piano

Joseph Haydn
Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb 2
Franz Schubert
Auf dem See, D 543
Strophe aus "Die Götter Griechenlands", D 677
An die Nachtigall, D 196
Auf der Riesenkoppe, D 611

Hugo Wolf
Wunden trägst du, mein Geliebter
Die Ihr schwebet um diesen Palmen
Bedeckt mich mit Blumen
In dem Schatten meiner Locken

extraits de Spanisches Liederbuch
Antonín Dvořák
V národnim tónu, op. 73, B 146
Joaquín Rodrigo
Por mayo
Pastorcito santo
Coplillas de Belén

Alberto Ginastera
Cinco canciones populares argentinas, op. 10

Bernarda Fink© Julia Wesely

Thu 6 June 2019 - 20h00
Musée d'Orsay
Auditorium niveau -2


Full rate: €35 €
Members and Friends: €30
Under 26sand solidarity rate: €8
Under 18s: 8 €

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