Musée d'Orsay: Les Temps Nouveaux (1895-1914)

Les Temps Nouveaux (1895-1914)

A collaborator of Kropotkine in Geneva as early as 1883, Jean Grave (1854-1939) transferred the anarchist weekly newspaper Le Révolté to Paris in 1885. It became La Révolte, and then Les Temps Nouveaux . Very early on Jean Grave had the conviction that literature and art could be made to serve the cause of anarchy. After a literary supplement to La Révolte, in 1886, he turned to visual arts. In the 1890s, he had met a small group of artists to which he would be related by a long-lasting and close friendship: Pissarro and Luce first, then Signac, Cross, Angrand, Van Rysselberghe, Steinlein, Hermann-Paul, followed a few years later by young talents Grandjouan, Iribe, Jossot, Kupka, Kebasque, Naudin, Vallotton.

The exhibition intended to gather all these artists' contributions to the anarchist weekly.
Jean Grave (the man, the activist journalist, the writer) was first presented with portraits, books, and a few comments from contemporaries.
The offices of Les Temps Nouveaux, 140 Rue Mouffetard, were evoked through lithographs published by the paper itself and press cuttings (Figaro, Illustration...)
A portrait gallery presents the collaborators to the newspaper (painters, sculptors, writers) and the theoreticians linked to the anarchist movement: about 30 portraits.
L'album de lithographies des Temps Nouveaux (1896-1903), never exhibited previously, was presented in its integrity, augmented with other black and white and colour lithographs, sculptures by Meunier, and paintings by Steinlein and Luce, all related to the history of the newspaper.
Ample room was made to all forms of propaganda imagined by Les Temps Nouveaux: posters, brochures, special issues, postcards, almanachs, children pictures, lotteries. All these completed the newspaper and its literary supplement, that Jean Grave successfully maintained in existence for twenty years, an exceptional longevity as far as anarchist press is concerned. This was represented at the end of the exhibition with a few issues of La Feuille, Le Père Peinard, L'Assiette au Beurre, Le Libertaire, L'En Dehors...


Aline Dardel, PhD in Art History

30 November 1987 - 28 February 1988
Musée d'Orsay

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