Using the index of artists and personalities

What is the distinction between "artist" and "personality"?

Two separate collections of documentary files bring together information on the visual artists of the ''Orsay period'' on the one hand, and literary, artistic, political, scientific personalities, etc. on the other. This distinction allows you to know in which collection, and therefore where a file is located.

What does the term "section" mean in the "documentary resources" block of an artist record?

The sections correspond  to the disciplinary breakdown of the general archive. Data specifying the classification scheme is not currently available online. 

Why is the date of birth, death, activity only provided with a year and not the precise information?

The primary purpose of the index is to identify existing records. Specific dates are given in the comments, where possible. 

What does the "Library" block correspond to when consulting an artist or personality record?

This is a reference to the bibliographic records in the library catalog for that artist or personality as mentioned in the library's presentation. 

For places, do the filters include old names?

Places of birth, death, and activity, the place names (country, possibly state or region, department for France) are, where possible, the current names. Older names are eventually specified in the comments, especially in the case of change of attachment to a commune, country, etc. or a locality.