Musée d'Orsay: Find out more about RSS feeds

Find out more about RSS feeds

What do I need in order to read an RSS feed?

Some browsers, like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 and Safari 3, give you access to RSS feeds by clicking on the orange icon found on the right of the address bar.
A content aggregator constructs a page using RSS feeds from websites of your choice. This is called content syndication. There are many of these: Netvibes, Google Reader, Google Homepage as well as MyYahoo! Once you have subscribed, you can access online applications in your browser. Finally, you can install specific applications, mostly free, on your device, for reading RSS feeds, (SharpReader, FeedReader, AmphetaDesk for Windows, Vienna, Netnewswire for MacOS, Straw for Linux).

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you can either click on the orange icon on the right of the address bar or paste the RSS address into the start page of the aggregator or software, according to the type of feed reader you are using.

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