Musée d'Orsay: Copying, filming, photography

Copying, filming, photography

Filming, photography

During museum opening times, works may be photographed or filmed in the permanent exhibition halls for personal or private use, excluding use for groups or for commercial purposes.

The use of flash, incandescent lamps, tripods or other support, is not allowed without an individual authorisation from the museum director.

For filming or photography, or for groups or commercial use, see under Professionals-Companies.

However, exemption from photography or filming fees can be given, on request to teachers, art students cinema students, artists and cultural or humanitarian organisations for educational or cultural projects with no commercial objectives.

Copying at the museum

Freehand drawing

Freehand pencil sketches, not exceeding 30 x 60 cm, are allowed in the museum. However, for groups, previous authorisation must be requested when the booking is made.

Please note: the activity of the copyists is currently suspended.

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