Guillaume Coppola, piano

Janmot in Music

December 12th, 2023
Guillaume Coppola
© Lyodoh Kaneko

Franz Liszt’s music is perfused with religious mysticism, embracing it like the soul portrayed by Louis Janmot in The Poem of the Soul, Journey on Earth. Guillaume Coppola evokes the master whose work has influenced all modern music, along with Scriabin and Monpou, for a timeless pianistic experience in the auditorium.

Imbued with religious fervor, Franz Liszt’s music is in perfect resonance with the exhibition “Louis Janmot, The Poem of the Soul”. Alone at the piano, Guillaume Coppola combines Federico Monpou’s delicate ardor with Alexander Scriabin’s fiery grace.


  • Guillaume Coppola, piano


  • Franz Liszt, Consolations for piano, LW A111 (extracts); Harmonies poétiques et religieuses (extracts);
  • Federico Mompou, Música callada (Voice of Silence), no. 24;
  • Alexander Scriabin, Deux poèmes for piano, op. 32; Vers la flamme (Toward the flame), op. 72.

The event is now over.

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The event is now over.

See the whole program