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Trio Chausson


April 12th, 2022
© Thomas O'Brien

It is to the whole of Spanish music of Gaudí’s time that the gaze of one of our best chamber ensembles, the Trio Chausson, extends – and even across the Pyrenees, with the most Iberian of French composers, Maurice Ravel.

The musical love story between France and Spain has always had accents of “Je t'aime, moi non plus” [I love you, me neither]. From Castile, Catalonia (as Joaquin Casadò) or Andalusia (as Falla and Turina), it was through Paris that the recognition of talent passed in the first decades of the last century. While French musicians, often judging their folklore poorer than that of the Spanish, have always seen in this southern music a source of inspiration, Ravel taking over from many of his predecessors since Louis XIV.

Artists: Trio Chausson

  • Matthieu Handtschoewercker, violin
  • Antoine Landowski, cello
  • Boris de Larochelambert, piano


On the program

  • Gaspar Cassadó, Trio in C major
  • Manuel de Falla, Spanish Dance, for piano trio transcribed by Boris de Larochelambert
  • Joaquín Turina, Trio for piano and strings in B minor, op. 76, no. 2
  • Maurice Ravel, Rapsodie espagnole, for piano trio, O 54 transcribed by Boris de Larochelambert

The event is now over.

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The event is now over.

See the whole program