Evening concerts

Véronique Gens, soprano; Susan Manoff, piano

8pm - auditorium

June 09th, 2022
Véronique Gens
© Franck Juery / DR

Reunion with the soprano Véronique Gens, passionate godmother of the Orsay - Royaumont Academy and major interpreter of French melody. Around the relationship between Marcel Proust and Reynaldo Hahn, she explores French melody with the great pianist Susan Manoff.

The relationship formed between Marcel Proust and Reynaldo Hahn was first a love affair, before the great writer's literary rise to fame. It continued as a faithful friendship until the last day of the author of In Search of Lost Time. Reynaldo Hahn shared Marcel Proust's sensitivity, culture and sometimes fierce spirit. At the age of twenty, his melodies had already brought him fame in the salons of Paris. He remains one of the embodiments of the charm of the Belle Époque - which should not overshadow the richness and subtlety of a musical language that later illuminated the stages of the interwar period.


  • Véronique Gens, soprano
  • Susan Manoff, piano

On the program

  • Reynaldo Hahn,
    • Chanson 
    • L’allée est sans fin
    • Séraphine
    • Naïs
    • Les Étoiles 
    • Paysage 
    • Le Rossignol des Lilas 
    • Infidélité 
    • L’Incrédule 
    • Les Cygnes 
    • Aimons-nous 
    • Rêverie 
    • La Dernière Valse 
    • Néère 
    • Lydé 
    • Tyndaris 
    • Pholoé 
    • Phyllis 
    • Trois jours de vendange 
    • Quand je fus pris au pavillon 
    • J’ai caché dans la rose en pleurs 
    • À Chloris 
    • Le Printemps

The event is now over.

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The event is now over.

See the whole program