Digital souvenirs of the “Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise” exhibition

Musée d’Orsay’s first digital souvenirs
Le musée d'Orsay étoilé

In partnership with the KERU startup and with the broader support of the Tezos Foundation, Musée d’Orsay is providing visitors with a new experience on the occasion of the “Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise” exhibition: the digital souvenir.

This innovation, available for purchase at the Museum Store, enables visitors to acquire a unique souvenir of their time at the Museum.

unprecedented benefits for visitors: Digital souvenir owners will also benefit from discounts at the Store and a whole range of unprecedented experiences, including an invitation to a vernissage, a dinner at one of the Museum’s restaurants, and, for the lucky ones, lifetime access to the Museum for two people. Digital souvenirs are available at the Museum Store.

Digital souvenir no.1: "Van Gogh’s Palette"

This souvenir is a three-dimensional depiction of one of Van Gogh’s last palettes. Once you’ve bought it, you can project it in augmented reality with your smartphone and share it on social networks.

  • Price: €8.90
  • Number issued: 10,000

Digital souvenir no.2: “Starry Musée d’Orsay”

This souvenir is a depiction of Musée d’Orsay in the artistic style of Starry Night, the masterpiece painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1888 (Paris, Musée d’Orsay). Several artificial intelligence algorithms were used to create this digital souvenir and set it in motion.

  • Price: €20
  • Number issued: 2,300
  • The work is in motion: “gif”
Le musée d'Orsay étoilé
Starry Musée d'Orsay étoilé

20 seconds to obtain your digital souvenir

Souvenirs are secured on the Tezos blockchain, ensuring each it’s each owners exclusive property. The solution developed by KERU enables each visitor to obtain their digital souvenir in just 20 seconds, with no technical knowledge required, at the Museum’s Souvenir Store or directly online by following the link below.

Obtaining my first Musée d’Orsay digital souvenir

  • About KERU: KERU is an innovative company, a pioneer in creation of digital souvenirs. It works with French and foreign cultural sites with a view to strengthening their ties with their audiences by providing visitors with unique, unprecedented experiences. The company is based at STATION F and is a member of the SISTA Entrepreneure network.
  • About Tezos: Tezos is an open-source project and energy-efficient scalable public blockchain for assets and applications. It enables manufacturers, developers and companies to deploy applications at low cost. The Tezos protocol, one of the first proof-of-stake blockchains, draws on a worldwide peer-to-peer network and is much appreciated for its long-term scalability, open participation and the security of its smart contracts. As a result, Tezos accommodates a flourishing community of artists, scientists, developers and other individuals who wish to create and transfer value without friction in a world centered on digital technology.